Adore You Miley Cyrus Lyrics

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24 Responses to “Adore You Miley Cyrus Lyrics”

  1. Thejazzy102 Says:

    Always loved Miley Cyrus, always will.

  2. Centersniper Says:


  3. needham2013 Says:

    Love this song

  4. Raegan Reynolds Says:

    love this song!

  5. starwarsgirlly Says:

    That makes sense, I just thought that she was saying what he “said” and then she was answering. (like an argument, kind of). Thanks for correcting me!

  6. tiffany massie Says:

    You are incorrect. She is telling him to UNDERSTAND that she loves and needs him more. He may say those things, but she is telling him to KNOW she loves him more.

  7. starwarsgirlly Says:

    Some of the lyrics are wrong. It’s “no” not “know”, just saying. I’m not trying to be a grammar freak. I love this song and I really like your video :3

  8. Makayla45406 Says:

    love it :)

  9. Makayla45406 Says:

    is da best lol

  10. Rachel Hoopes Says:

    people say she is a bad influence but she is just being herself. she is older now she isnt going to keep singing about true friends and how nobodys perfect

  11. tgferris07 Says:

    So sweet

  12. Stephanie T Says:

    Great video! Can you please correct the lyrics on this? It’s supposed to be ” I feel like I’m standing with an army OF MEN, armed with weapons” Thanks!

  13. LoLGurl25 Says:

    Omg. This song <3

  14. Sabrina Lara Says:

    In love with this song ❤️

  15. Sabine Odpnt Says:


  16. kaydra cummings Says:


  17. Bruna Ribeiro Says:

    this song >>>>>

  18. lavouche Says:

    She didn’t even write this song herself so it’s not like she “misses” Liam, especially when she seems perfectly happy with her new dude.

  19. Jean Espiritu Says:

    amazing song:)))

  20. skyenotsky Says:

    this is one of the best songs miley cyrus has come out with EVER <3

  21. justin kissme Says:


  22. penozitanazario Says:

    Miley ♥

  23. Zoie Bell Says:

    This song. >

  24. Vicky Espel Says:

    with this song you realize that Liam was very stupid…