Backstreet Boys Dish On Miley Cyrus Twerking Effect

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| October 29th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Backstreet Boys Dish On Miley Cyrus Twerking Effect”

  1. Adriana Aires Says:

    They’re like wine…older but still handsome and hot!

  2. dc8956a Says:

    these people know the music industry. listen to them to all young artists out there.

  3. Mfm ad Says:

    BSB you still here.. and you’ll be here forever!

  4. Lisette Hamers Says:

    do something naked and you guys will be up there with miley 😉

  5. John Veith Says:

    I’ll see them “naked on a wrecking ball”! haha

  6. lulu boo Says:

    Oh we would wanna see y’all naked on a wrecking ball 😉

  7. Douglas Sr Murschel Says:

    Dont say that about him he is hot not naked

  8. cjlopez1215 Says:

    Nick I really hate to disagree, Maybe we need some sort voting thing for the whole naked part lol

    I love these guys and their tour this year was amazing 8-30-13 will forever be unforgettable

  9. MsDoghome Says:

    Oh yes yes we do

  10. darkstarlite04 Says:

    Backstreet Sandwich…O…M…G…..

  11. Goldengurl85 Says:

    we do wanna see you guys naked lol.. agreed rather have a full 2hr show with only the boys instead of another group with them. even tho they did tour wit nkotb.

  12. Taylor Burrow Says:

    Oh Nick, yes we do want to see you guys naked on a wrecking ball!!!

  13. odddity Says:

    Ah, Brian, so unchangeable and still adorable and I’m still in love. <3

  14. Evil Lyddie Says:

    Bri never put Bailey on Disney.. 🙁 They will ruin him…He’s amazing, just like his daddeh and uncles.

  15. puffsfish Says:

    lol did anyone else notice Brian’s face light up when Nsync was mentioned. honestly I could see an Nsync and BSB tour happening. the key would be to get JT on board for it and it’s a done deal.

  16. Daniela García Says:

    He has no idea…

  17. faaaduma Says:

    I like that they don’t critizise nobody, just to get the media’s attention like so many celebs. cool guys*_*

  18. Angel Grace Says:

    ahahhaha! they are hilarious

  19. Sarah H Says:

    Love this! #FrickandFrack

  20. Haidy Als Says:

    Nick sound sick with cold

  21. Just A Random Girly Gamer Says:

    “You don’t wanna see us naked on a wrecking ball, trust me”

  22. Benedict Bascon Says:

    the accent of a new yorker and southern…lolz!

  23. Mark McGuire Says:

    I didn’t forget…

  24. xXTamamoriTeshiXx Says:

    Nicky oh goodness

  25. Maria E. Antonsen Says:

    Hurrah 4 nick d emgagmt 2 kittn st mary genli7aimb*@