Big Sean – Fire (Explicit)

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| October 11th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

24 Responses to “Big Sean – Fire (Explicit)”

  1. alwaysstaystrapped28 Says:

    Big sean sucks now..

  2. Luis Garza Says:

    all people are talkin about is miley lol

  3. Emmanuel John Says:

    Big Sean and Miley Cyrus would make a good couple. DO YOU AGREE

  4. Kikh Beibs Says:

    GUYS u must this epic perfomance: /watch?v=nQ7gCD2chaM

  5. juley fan Says:

    speak for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Felicia Nordberg Says:

    Just STOP talking about Miley and enjoy the music. -.-”

  7. Bulba Saur Says:

    Big Sean fell the fuck off!!! Trying to get views by using Molly.. Well, he isnt the only one.

  8. TheHenryYoung Says:

    Big Sean definitely ‘boing boinged’ Miley Cyrus

  9. Lunden Ivory Says:

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  10. Christy Ulloa Says:

    Miley is trying to hard for attention

  11. ximena cuin Says:

    i love Miley Cyrus

  12. Gerardo Bueno Says:

    I love Miley

  13. tsk twoninesix Says:

    ??? LOL

  14. MaggieRocks218 Says:

    I came here for Miley too

  15. christiana0121 Says:


  16. Angelina Colandrea Says:

    Eminem *

  17. Angelina Colandrea Says:

    For those of you saying that eminent should do a song with Miley, eminent wouldn’t degrade himself like that.

  18. Diana Love Says:

    I came here for miley

  19. Jeremiah parker Says:

    how about no

  20. ceej ahead Says:

    the absolutely dopest dude in hiphop is ceej. type in”””( CEEJ COME ALIVE)””””to see the next mega superstar artist and remember i told you soooo !!!!!!

  21. TaraLovesToDream Says:

    eminem isnt that dumb…

  22. saintkarin Says:

    Is it me or does big Sean sound like Kanye?

  23. Robert Uno Says:

    This video needs more views bcause it has Miley in it

  24. butterfly1shiny Says:

    I came here to see Miley <3