Britney On MTV’s Miley Cyrus: The Movement

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| June 13th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Britney On MTV’s Miley Cyrus: The Movement”

  1. Amanda Aspell Says:

    i keep on replaying it to make sure i heard what i heard… and she kind of did haha

  2. Britney Werk Yall Says:

    depend with who she’s talking.

  3. Britney Werk Yall Says:

    yeah haha she looks so disguise.

  4. Leo Apollo Says:

    Britney looks uncomfortable with everyone she’s just the way she became after all that happened to her in the past, you guys suck at figuring people out

  5. sbhoffma1 Says:

    you can just tell britney feels the same way about miley as the general public does – disgusted

  6. addicted183 Says:

    lmao at britneys face. Is she seriously comparing her trashy performance to the classy xtina madonna britney kiss? this girl is so misguided and so lost.

  7. Michael Yankton Says:

    Britney spears has zero personality

  8. yoni rani Says:

    i don’t understand haters. Why they came here to leave hatred comment . u should let her alone. Miley is a huge star now… face it ,ok?

  9. Jamy Barmy Says:

    her face when she talked about the video lmaooo

  10. mario rubicondo Says:

    i love them <3

  11. lovedesignxoxo Says:

    1:27 LOLOLOLOL

  12. bl4ckmt4l Says:

    britney looks uncomfortable all the time everyday

  13. xraid8 Says:

    this is what miley doesnt get!! britney’s vma performances was not slutty! she put on a great show it wasnt about her shaking her ass like a hoe!! what an insult to britney. i hate that britney has to stoop so low to miley’s level and collab with her like fuck brit obviously doesn’t want to be there! and how annoying is miley’s talking voice??!!! i love brit but i will never stan for that chipmunk hoe called miley cyrus!

  14. Viva h Says:

    britney’s face when miley called her a stripper!! she was not pleased. u can tell brit is forced to collab with miley cuz they have the same manager. poor britney.

  15. BryanSujo Says:


  16. mosbyperry Says:

    Britney wants to go so bad haha, I love her

  17. supersalmonmaki Says:

    hahaha i can’t at miley talking like that. but britney handle it nicely,, 😀

    *but still miley love britney, so i dont hate her for saying that*

  18. entertainmentguru77 Says:

    that look at 0:55 tho…

  19. entertainmentguru77 Says:


  20. Faustino Gaitán Says:

    It’s so unfortunate that Britney’s flawless VMA performances are being compared to Mileys…

  21. Faustino Gaitán Says:

    Miley… why is she so annoying.

  22. ZeroOneOneZeroOneOne Says:

    hit her hard one more time with a wrecking ball

  23. tiff9165 Says:

    It is so true when they say ” Haters make me famous” all you people that dislike her so dam bad are always supporting her by watching her videos, that for one, making her more famous than ever!! Hahahahahah fucking idiots-_-

  24. atoto lala Says:

    queen looking so uncomfortable

  25. GhostGardens Says:

    she just insulted the shit out of britney….to her face….