Britney Spears WORK B**CH vs Miley Cyrus WE CAN’T STOP VMA Twerking

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| October 10th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Britney Spears WORK B**CH vs Miley Cyrus WE CAN’T STOP VMA Twerking”

  1. ElektraKnight Says:

    LOL! :-)

  2. John Basedow Says:

    It’s catchy…you better work b**ch! lol

  3. ElektraKnight Says:

    I think it’s an awesome song and video. 😉

  4. John Basedow Says:

    Glad you enjoyed. Miley is a media goldmine right now…getting tons of sales & views on whatever she does. It’s good to see Britney back with a new vid.

  5. mazznj77 Says:

    You had some great people in this vid! I’m not a Miley fan, but she get be knocked for bring successful. As for Britney, I love her, and I’m happy to see she’s back and working it!

  6. purpledarklighter Says:

    Oh great! Let me know when you finish it. I’m rendering my review now. It took me an hour to trying to find a placement for my camera [which is my Galaxy s4 lol] about 15 mins to film, and 4 hours to edit [not including the rendering which I hope wouldn’t fail on me since my software crashes so often]. Are you interesting in watching it? It’s about 9-10 mins long after editing. You might not understand my accent though. You don’t have to watch that shit 🙂

  7. John Basedow Says:

    Good to see she’s back…and workin…biotch. 

  8. John Basedow Says:

    DVR caught it & I watched last night after I got back from Buzz60. I’m about halfway through.

  9. John Basedow Says:

    She brings the special. We have the good fortune of chatting with some of the funniest people on CULTURE POP. Check out all the other eps to see. 🙂

  10. John Basedow Says:

    Yeah, that pop culture just chases you down whether you want it to or not.

  11. Jesrael Felix Says:

    ilove britney

  12. purpledarklighter Says:

    Noooooooooooooooo it’s on Tuesday!!! Wednesday on my time zone! grrr hope you didn’t miss it… sorry… 🙁

  13. deloreanfan81 Says:

    that older lady in ther orange top is the coolest old lady ever lol

  14. John Basedow Says:

    Do you like the song?

  15. John Basedow Says:

    Nope, not at all. Her new song is getting a lot of buzz.

  16. nowitzki4192 Says:

    Britney is not washed up

  17. John J Says:


  18. SandwhichBread Says:

    Haha. It’s hard to escape. When you get in to work and everybody is saying, “did you see Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance or the video for Wrecking Ball?” Then they show you. Yeahh.. good parody called Wrecked My Balls out here on youtube FYI.

  19. John Basedow Says:

    Keep watching CULTURE POP. More fun stuff coming.

  20. Angeal0us Says:

    LOL so funny that girll!

  21. John Basedow Says:

    For someone who says they’re “not into pop culture,” you toss around some knowledge of celebrity happenings. lol Glad to see you commenting on so many vids. Keep it up.

  22. SandwhichBread Says:

    Shows our petty culture. It’s okay for Britney cause she has the body for it but because Miley is a little unflattering she is chopped down with insults. That and maybe we’ve seen crazier from Britney so everything she does seems like an improvement from vag flashing and head shaving.

  23. John Basedow Says:

    Glad you like! Haha…yes, she is cute and quite the twerker.

  24. CatspitProductions Says:

    These are great videos. I enjoy the on the street interviews. That little blonde in the red cap sure is a cutie eh John? Can you hook me up? LOL… 😉 Come get some Catspit~! ☠

  25. John Basedow Says:

    Dayum! There are a lot of comments on this one that are going to be seen highlighted in the ending section of future CULTURE POP eps! Thanks for the amazing words.