Cher ~ Talks Career, Twerking & Miley Cyrus Interview ~ David Letterman 9-24-13

Movie Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Cher ~ Talks Career, Twerking & Miley Cyrus Interview ~ David Letterman 9-24-13”

  1. jessicaelmaleh Says:

    She’s funny. Cher rocks.

  2. Rafael RatedR Says:

    arent you from the school where that was humpin and not twerking HAHA !! LMAO

  3. MrFumseck Says:

    She criticizes Miley Cyrus but she sings “I hope you find it” by Miley cyrus

  4. alley rhoden Says:

    I like Cher!

  5. Andersine Kleopatra Larsen Says:

    Cher is soooo fab

  6. Marusya270882 Says:

    That’s when “the inscape” indicates “the outward”… beautiful
    Thanks for sharing

  7. IEMac6 Says:

    Molly Montana Lol…

  8. Mark Z. Says:

    thanks to the plastic surgery

  9. Honey Carey Says:

    that too but not all artists looks this good

  10. GrilledZucchinis Says:

    miley cyrus vma performance = publicity stunt

  11. Daniel Manahan Says:

    all it takes is money and plastic surgery

  12. tom tomlinson Says:

    Never boring.

  13. Honey Carey Says:

    wow Cher looks amazing for her age!!!

  14. Chyanne Bowen Says:

    How bout all of you shut up and stop judging? Not your place to judge other people for what they want to do. Oh? It’s your place to judge? Sorry didnt know you were God.

  15. joud1997 Says:

    She looks so humble! Loved her on the movie with christina aguilera

  16. David Appleton Says:

    Explain why she would be coming out to “my country tis of thee” it is clearly ment to have royal connotations

  17. laraliee Says:

    wtf do you want from me?!
    first: I admire Cher a lot & was just quoting her!
    second: Fleetwood Mac is back together since 1997 and just touring in Europe!
    Besides, think before you write, honey! 😉

  18. sorana87 Says:

    “Sometimes the best thing for your career is to die!”

  19. Dautionable Says:

    ever heard of “my country tis of thee” an american tune that uses the same tune

  20. nochum4me Says:

    Hate much….. ???? by the way…Fleetwood Mac broke up…u can put the bong down laraliee…..

  21. David Appleton Says:

    How ever much I like Cher do not play the British National Anthem for her entrance.The only person that is entitled to that song is our head of state i.e our Queen. Rant over!

  22. joegenova Says:

    opinions really are like assholes

  23. Miley Cyrus Says:

    Miley Cyrus[Bangerz] album , visit my channel for preview musics

  24. Josey Julien Says:

    He mumbles so much. It kind of irritates me 🙁 aw but I love Cher ! Go girl.

  25. Jolene Miller Says:

    Who says it was “God save the queen”? Same tune is “My country tis of thee”.