‘Dish Nation’ Stages a Miley Cyrus Intervention!

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| October 16th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

15 Responses to “‘Dish Nation’ Stages a Miley Cyrus Intervention!”

  1. Truu Raig Says:

    I AM SO DAM MAD at theze smh DAM FOOLS rite now…i just laughed out loud (more than giggled) at WORK…lmAo! well i guess that concludes my break smh…i’m sure they think i’m sillier than they know i am lol!

  2. lorenboots88 Says:

    Gary is sooo funny. He’s my favorite =]

  3. DarkSkinnedSistah TV Says:

    I don’t blame Ricky for not looking at that dude in the pink LOL

  4. Tracy Martin Says:

    This was too funny I can watch this all day

  5. Devon Aiello Says:

    lmfao!! I love this rap its hilarious!

  6. shalissa1211 Says:

    ITunes. Gotta have it

  7. bloved619 Says:


  8. yamialexis Says:

    No one wants to hear on miley cyrus

  9. shaikha Al-Sowaidi Says:

    More news about Britney please … Less on Miley .

  10. Nicktunes Storm Says:

    Added to favorites….I could watch this every day! Ebony and Gary cracked me up!

  11. Whitney Taylor Says:

    Too, too funny. I would attend that intervention. She needs one.

  12. Jennifer escobar Says:

    4th……….omg this is so funny

  13. mmcma39 Says:

    Watch this actually change Miley

  14. Bernetta Boatman Says:

    To funny.

  15. Joyce Rocha Says:

    Hopefully miley sees this lol