Elephant Man – Miley Cyrus (Twerk) October 2013

Movie Rating: four / five

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| October 4th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

20 Responses to “Elephant Man – Miley Cyrus (Twerk) October 2013”

  1. wellington jeskiel mupindu Says:

    Ele fr u

  2. Darren Nugent Says:

    i thought this was a joke, turns out i’m right. :-/

  3. jigga4sure Says:

    Madd . It bad…TWERK! TWERK! TWERK!

  4. JOEWIN thomas Says:


  5. pretty0910 Says:

    this is shit

  6. adande lawrence Says:

    i bet no rass jamaican gyal waan twerk it like miley cyrus

  7. challis2009 Says:

    By ow when you time come it come enuh man.

  8. tafari toney Says:

    gyal did a whine and shake up and dance pon wall and dem type a sitt’n before all dis twerk fuckry ..song a fuckry

  9. theblueflag Says:

    Will y’all Jamaicans please not say twerk… I hate the word and I do not want to hear American bs spilling into dancehall. I hear enough American bullshit as it is.

  10. Alix Chase Says:

    whoa neva! ele always ago bad nuh bloodclaut a jus one likkle joke dis still

  11. Svenclaat Says:

    that’s weak…why so many likes?

  12. Christopher Ramjattan Says:


  13. Lexus Williamas Says:

    lawd jezus ele madness dis nuh boss

  14. nana nuamah Says:

    Big up energy god! Di tune mash up di place….

  15. Waz Abedon Says:

    Elephant man yuh bad nuh bumboclaat

  16. sling stone Says:

    t=he mixx tun u + ele getb forward him element

  17. crystalclaire15 Says:

    lol hell no. Like Miley Cyrus?

  18. cohenmad Says:

    Gaza me say still buy elephant man this on is a HIT .. welcome back ELEPHANT MAN

  19. jason miller Says:

    Mmaaaaddd this baaadd

  20. javivanna Says:

    This song proves how irrelevant Elephant man is