Elyar Fox wants to collaborate with Miley Cyrus

Elyar Fox has named Miley Cyrus as well as Bruno Mars as the music artists he would prefer to collaborate with. In a recent interview, the ‘Do It All Over Again’ singer stated that a collaboration with Miley would be ‘sick.’

He stated that he would love to work with Cyrus. He would love to have a record with her; it would be sick! And he knows Miley Cyrus would read this so she would also prefer Miley to get in touch with him. Elyar also stated that the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer can do what she prefers because she has the music to back it up.

As far as Bruno Mars is concerned – whether it was a feature or just writing a track – he would love to work with him. He is like an idol for him.

Fox added that she believes that Miley could do whatever she wants s her music is very good. If she was being a bit crazy and cool and her music was rubbish it would be like, t hen people would have said what she is actually doing. He prefers her because her music is really great. It is difficult not to have a go at her.

‘Do It All Over Again’, Fox’s debut single, is set to make it to the Top – 5 on United Kingdom’s Top 40 countdown.

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