FUNNY!! Will Smith, WIllow Smith and Jaden all REACT TO Miley Cyrus VMA 2013 Performance

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25 Responses to “FUNNY!! Will Smith, WIllow Smith and Jaden all REACT TO Miley Cyrus VMA 2013 Performance”

  1. joel de leon Says:


  2. MaPetiteYB Says:

    My hubs was telling me the bears were suppose to be a reference to dropping E pills.

  3. dfhdfgjdh Says:

    Why do fat, gay and ratchet people like to be judgmental to other people? You lame MF’s and no one checkin for yall….leave that Miley alone your bored ass bitches

  4. Karl Zelenski Says:

    Dear Miley Cyrus , if you ever see this comment then please do the following steps:
    Grow up
    Learn to twerk. You look like a horny panda trying to do what ever you call that ” hill-billy twerking”

  5. dedrawilliams Says:

    lol xD

  6. bigjrod254waco Says:

    All illuminati shit

  7. mysteryguy147 Says:


  8. John Dungca Says:

    Nott reall .That pic was taken on the lady gaga performance and aslo willo
    w and will smith were chewing jum and jaden was staring closly at to see what was happening

  9. UjustGot SquidTrolled Says:

    0:28 pause!!! Rofl jaden and willows face… XD

  10. chelseajohns144 Says:

    I understand jaden

  11. Emilia GCC Says:

    Yo se que le pasa a ella …es que nadie le ha dicho que ella es blanca no negra…jajajaja
    que pare de hacer el ridiculo..

  12. aj madcapocean Says:

    ya’ll made a video and didn’t really say anything. you must live in a LA.
    Hormonal stage? LOL! really. that’s the best feed back you gave us.
    come on now. Talk about her soul, the porn like video she made that relates to this song, anything. hahah where are your values man??

  13. sheshines4all Says:

    It was actually proven that they were looking at lady gagag’s performance when they made those faces… Not Miley Cyrus’s twerking.

  14. suchaCOCKYchic Says:

    Ooo,, so it’s a problem when Miley behaves the same way other female celebrities have behaved

  15. bomshizzleful Says:

    POOR BILLY RAY CYRUS!!? *PAUSE* And look closer…you will realize that he is, & has been allowing this to happen.

  16. tubebitch12 Says:

    The Tongue! The Tongue! The Tongue! That was stupid and nasty! I have lost all respect for Robin, perving out with Miley! Not sexy, just sick!

  17. Hecter Plasmic Says:

    You are absolutely right. This photo has been around the World spreading a lie. His wife was scratching her nose.

  18. Hecter Plasmic Says:

    They weren’t shocked at all. If you look at the original footage you will see that the Smith family picture isn’t what it seems. In this photo the kids are actually singing to Lady Gaga and his wife was scratching her nose. Don’t fall for this media manipulation.

  19. Dionne Renaud Says:

    Why is she doing that?I used to be her fan but after that I’m not anymore and she a beautiful girl she just done too much I wish she could have stay the way she was in 2009

  20. aprilPNG Says:

    what if a told you that the smith family didnt react to miley…
    they were sitting on top, so if they were watching her twerking, they’d be looking downwards, not upwards.
    Those pics were from Gaga’s dance…

  21. jazz nychole Says:

    That was funny u saw that face

  22. Omari Roland Says:


  23. Tracey Dragon Says:

    She is doing this because her manager wants her too.

  24. Tracey Dragon Says:

    The Smith’s made those faces during Gaga not Miley. Get it right!

  25. roozee94 Says:

    So sorry for her family 🙁