Kylie Minogue is a Miley Cyrus fan

Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue really admires American twerking sensation Miley Cyrus. But she also stated that the raunchy antics of the twenty one year old might be too much for some people.

Recently, Kylie asked about her opinions on Miley as she was promoting her brand new album called Kiss Me Once. Speaking to media, the Aussie singer told that she really admires people like Rihanna or Miley type of girls who are just quite unapologetic about their actions. But whether it is too much or not depends on people’s personal taste. But Miley is a scapegoat for what could be going on in the more liberal sense in pop music.

The forty five year old said that it must not be forgotten that drugs, sex and rock and roll has always been there. Men appear to get away with these more than female artists.

Recently, the ex Neighbours star shocked the BBC producers by twerking with one of the participants on The Voice UK version. Later it was reported that the footage have been edited as Kylie’s bottom grinding was though as too raunchy for the show.

Twerking, which is a sexually provocative style of dancing, got a dominant spot in parlance because of Miley Cyrus’s controversial MTV Video Music Awards 2013 performance. Recently, Miley again hit headlines when she performed sporting her underwear following an unintentional wardrobe malfunction during Bangerz tour in US.

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