Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus to Announce Split

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| October 25th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

11 Responses to “Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus to Announce Split”

  1. Lakisha Pitt Says:

    Finalllllyyyyy!!!! Liam deserves someone better!

  2. mime1926 Says:

    Liam finally dumped the SLUT!
    Good on ya mate!

  3. JMo OUAT Says:

    I hope he leaves her! He deserves someone better.

  4. missmacykay Says:

    Fuck you Liam

  5. Vasileia Papalymperi Says:

    Fuck holywood scoop

  6. Sophia Edigin Says:

    Who gives a flying shit?

  7. Mike Duncan Says:

    Who gives a fuck? You? well, you shouldn’t.

  8. Melanie Mascorro Says:

    good for him 

  9. Tamekia Sholts Says:

    YES! 😀

  10. betty conner Says:

    Congratulations ,very intelligent move on Mr. H. part
    Obviously for her Stripping was more important

  11. zdahhgvhfiv Says: