Mike WiLL Made It – 23 ft. Miley Cyrus (Audio)

Movie Score: 4 / five

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| October 31st, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Mike WiLL Made It – 23 ft. Miley Cyrus (Audio)”

  1. SirHC2077 Says:

    I dislike myself for liking this but fuck it

  2. RootzRebelz808 Says:


  3. James5352 Says:

    Stay TriPPy Mane

  4. dore8610 Says:

    Love this song

  5. Bobbie Sims Says:

    she is pretty but what happened to personality?

  6. raijin zero Says:

    Rip english

  7. Jyanne Kortright Says:

    I am about to turn up now jajaja

  8. Chanel Brown Says:

    If you a lame that’s a shame you can’t hang with us

  9. Gracie Young Says:

    When I hear this song it makes me wanna be a rapper and be able to say: “haha I’m so fresh man” that would me cool ^.^

  10. texastech5n6 Says:

    Who would think Miley Cyrus lol

  11. Dicle Ş Says:

    thank you :’)

  12. Madisen Valentine Says:


  13. lorena brown Says:

    miley is good fuck the haters iight yall could go suck a cows ass this bitch is CURRENT

  14. 7doh7 Says:

    She ruined jordan and brand n bulls

  15. sodapopyoung Says:

    High on purp

  16. lere1998lol Says:

    Omg mein ganzes zimmer vibriert xD 2000 Hz Subwoofer 😀

  17. FashionCupcake04 Says:

    Love this song…

  18. Stella Savelo Says:

    mileys best song tbh

  19. Claire Démé Says:

    C’est quoi cette qualité de merde?

  20. CalebGTAV Says:


  21. Alexa Nicole Says:

    they need to make a version without miley 

  22. Sarmad Alsaeed Says:


  23. Tyler Wiecorek Says:

    Love this video like so much!!!!!!!

  24. nijae ferguson Says:

    This my shit!

  25. Donovan Landgraf Says:

    Miley didn’t do shit! Haha. Mediocre at tha best. Juicy and Wiz my niggas doe, dem boys go hard af!