Mike Will Made It, 23 Lyrics, ft Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Explicit

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25 Responses to “Mike Will Made It, 23 Lyrics, ft Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Explicit”

  1. MegaShredder666 Says:

    omg have you guys even seen this video yes j’s mean Jordan’s haha.

  2. Nightmare Beatz Says:

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  4. nate beets Says:


  5. Heeni Andrew Says:

    This whole time ive been singing “Twerk,twerk,twerk” -_-

  6. viki pso Says:

    i like it!

  7. setotaify Says:

    Yup, J’s = Jordans

  8. Emily Bee Says:


  9. Verenyka Says:


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  11. Idk, i'mCanadian Says:

    Queen Cyrus <3

  12. Clark Kids Says:

    omg cute disney gal…. to this

  13. Breanna Falling Says:


  14. Weezy F Says:

    just here 4 khali and miley i dont like the other part. and i fell in love with the wiz laugh ahahaaa

  15. Weezy F Says:

    yeah im sure that j’s mean jordans

  16. Lawernce Porter Says:

    kill it turn up turn up!!!

  17. CinderTheNutellaKit Says:


  18. unnko unnkinho Says:

    a risada do wiz khalifa eh mt nojenta pqp ><

  19. The Fashion Files Says:


  20. PTC204 Says:

    I really enjoyed this song, and it inspired me to re-create my own version of it!

    I am proud to present my latest Cover/Remake of Mike Will Made-It “23” ft. Miley Cyrus, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa.

    Just click my profile and you will see the video! IF you like what you see please THUMBS UP so others can also see the video 🙂

    A lot of hard work and preparation go’s into a release like this, if there is anything you don’t like, please let me know.

    Thank you for your time, and God Bless

  21. ilan Almayo Says:

    yes 🙂

  22. TheMandaManda11 Says:


  23. Lamisse Daran Says:

    ♥ woW The best 4 ever :* 3 !!

  24. braeden malenfant Says:


  25. Robert Monroy Says:

    You guys are all slaves of the Illuminati now Congrats 🙂