Miley Cyrus | ’23’ Inspired Makeup Tutorial

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| October 21st, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus | ’23’ Inspired Makeup Tutorial”

  1. ILYSarahGrace Says:

    She uses Ruby woo!!

  2. justinbarnes1818 Says:


  3. justinbarnes1818 Says:

    23 Lik

  4. Becca Hall Says:

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  5. makeupbytaylordawnxo Says:

    sure! i’ll try to figure out my camera so i can do that. xo

  6. makeupbytaylordawnxo Says:

    not entirely sure – but it looks matte. so any matte red, i’d probably try russian red. in the video it doesn’t look like a cherry red so i’d try a deeper matte one :)

  7. makeupbytaylordawnxo Says:

    thank you! i love it too 🙂

  8. Gabriela Robles Says:

    Pleaseeee show how you did the top liner besides the inner eyelid! Love this video!

  9. Alyson Smith Says:

    Do you know which red she uses in the video? Ruby woo, lady danger??

  10. Sydni Ligons Says:

    Love this music video and your make up!

  11. Miss Brambila Says:

    Hello girl I love ur videos I bus cribs to your channel!! Can you subscribe back please!!!

  12. makeupbytaylordawnxo Says:

    thank you doll, i’ll check it out xo

  13. Alessia pace Says:

    Hey Hun! Fab video! Loved your eye makeup! Would love for you to check out my channel and sub if you like xxx

  14. makeupbytaylordawnxo Says:

    thank you 🙂 & thanks for subbing xo

  15. Daniella Massi Says:

    You’re sooooo pretty i love your vídeo subcrived 😉 !!!

  16. makeupbytaylordawnxo Says:

    thank you!

  17. Sabrina Gabrielle Says:

    You did a great recreation of this look (: I love it (:

  18. makeupbytaylordawnxo Says:

    glad you liked it!

  19. erminia orfè Says:

    love it

  20. makeupbytaylordawnxo Says:

    thank you doll 🙂

  21. makeupbytaylordawnxo Says:

    Oh my goshhh I get told I look like Fergie ALOT. so funny you said that!

  22. nikitahhx Says:

    Very pretty look! 🙂 Glad to see you back makin video’s 🙂 x


    You remind me of Fergie pwhahah I don’t know why!! 😛 Awesome video gurrliee! Lookin’ gorgeous!! 😀 <33 New subbie! (yaaaay) <3 I also have a beauty/fashion channel and was wondering if you can check it out? I'm always looking for new friends within the beauty community!
    Keep it up girrlie! Can't wait to see more from ya!!
    Lots of love! xx

  24. makeupbysweetheart Says:

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  25. makeupbysweetheart Says:

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