Miley Cyrus – Adore You (Audio)

Video Score: four / five

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| October 15th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus – Adore You (Audio)”

  1. Julia Prado Prado Says:

    i love this song ♥

  2. Jeanette D'Uva Says:


  3. shanna ford Says:

    Love this song got this on replay

  4. antoine n Says:

    love this song, check out my video on it!!

  5. veranikaaaa Says:

    I Love You!!! YOU’RE PERFECT!!!!

  6. Gonçalo Rodrigues Says:

    i’m just defending my D-I-V-A, okay?

  7. DonnieMurray101 Says:

    Are you fucking serious?

    No, it won’t. you can’t fucking twerk to this song.

    If she’s naked, that doesn’t ruin it. Wrecking ball was amazing. It showed her how she was ruined. If there is a video, It will be amazing.

  8. marinecarrot101 Says:

    No offense, but this was a terrible comeback. On your side though.

  9. Eian Bryle Deocares Says:

    I adore this Miley won’t stop and do your thang

  10. Dominga Cruz Says:

    wise words girl these people need to really pay attention before running there mouth

  11. jimora16 Says:

    I adore this song do your thing miley

  12. John Williams Says:

    I adore you too Mrs. Williams.

  13. musicfile98 Says:

    normal people dont stalk Miley but anyways….You can feel emotion regardless if its hurt or love. They pretty similar

  14. musicfile98 Says:

    havent seen a bad video…..Wrecking Ball was good Ms. Pooh

  15. Maura McManus Says:

    My wedding song! 🙂 thank you miley!

  16. Harper Madden Says:

    it’s an alright song but i actually like wrecking ball much better.

  17. Ashlepooh Says:

    Miley always seems to do good ballad songs.

  18. Ashlepooh Says:

    im really hoping that she doesnt ruin a great song with a bad video again

  19. Roman Raza Says:

    Adore You talks about Miley wanting to marry Liam, In FU Miley finds out Liam was cheating on her and in Drive, Miley gained the courage to leave Liam… I think she should make a 3 part video !

  20. hmmc23 Says:

    & by the way, to those that are saying they can “feel the hurt miley is feeling throughout this song”, you are way off haha… she said in “The Movement” that this album is a story. and this song was written when they were happily together. And you notice the transition throughout the album like this, to wrecking ball… So, for those of you who didn’t grasp that, this song was not a sad after-breakup song. It was written when they were engaged and both in love.

  21. hmmc23 Says:

    This is the type of music Miley excels at…

  22. yajaira lopez Says:

    this is the kind of songs i like of miley

  23. NYCK Says:


  24. Gonçalo Rodrigues Says:

    What the fuck! TERRIBLE is U!

  25. Stephanie Daly Says:

    What the fuck! This song is TERRIBLE.