Miley Cyrus Discusses Her VMAs Performance

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| October 13th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Discusses Her VMAs Performance”

  1. carlos guerrero Says:

    You people talk to much, u guys probably have no social life

  2. Katya Shabaldina Says:

    she’s hot. fuck.

  3. lilo21986 Says:

    Did you just not see the part where I put “barely legal”? Except that you obviously did, seeing as you put it in your reply.  I didn’t say she isn’t legal. I said she’s only been legal for a short amount of time, which is indicated by me using the word “barely”, which you actually pointed out.

  4. Maria Varadi Says:

    OMG of course they were shocked…if they wanna watch erotic videos they go on porn sites!not the VMA’s..

  5. Megan Ann Says:

    barely legal woman shes like 20 ;_; that’s legal every where.

  6. fuvkendope Says:

    Crazy how she goes from “I dont know who jay z is” and “drugs dont make you hot or sexy” to prasing that jayz mentioned her in a song and singing about dancing with molly. If she doesnt understand why people are so shocked by her transition, she needs to go to a asylum.

  7. Gwen Hinkle Says:

    horrible horrible song. seriously disgusting.

  8. Tyler McDonald Says:


  9. Totoro Joe Says:


  10. lilo21986 Says:

    I never thought about it being her basically acting out something similar to the two music videos. If you look at it from that point of view, it actually wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it was (when I was thinking they were just doing that for no reason other than to shock). Thicke is an idiot though. He agreed to what they did and I personally don’t think he should’ve. He’s a grown adult, grinding on a barely legal woman. Gross on his part!

  11. theo gentile Says:


  12. bbria28 Says:

    Robin is such a fucking dick. Really what was he absent during the rehearsals no he just can’t take the press. And seriously everyone out there go READ the blurred lines lyrics

  13. NJ Ringlord Says:

    Well fist off she did not use the fame from her father nor should she have. Disney could have cared less who her father was and the kids who became her fans because of her TV show sure as hell didn’t know who he was or cared. Disney, though the TV show gave her the fame of a fake persona of the innocent, nice young lady who can really never do any wrong and you have seen other than Britney how little success female Disney stars have as adults with that image. She still has her voice.

  14. NJ Ringlord Says:

    You are missing her point for doing many of the crazy things. It is because of the obsession of fans who want to make her Hannah Montana in their minds for the rest of her life. Just because she played that character does not mean she has to stay that character or fit into the image that came with it for the rest of her life. Fans don’t have the right to do that to her. It is her life and not theirs. The image she had as her character is fake or that of a child

  15. markeecegarrett1234 Says:

    Hannah Montana was a fucking TV show…..(get over it) Miley is great

  16. ameeer3 Says:

    too bad Milley , you distroyed your lovable image that was built in many years

  17. MH CALLING Says:

    damn i love her <3

  18. Marlene Magana Says:

    She’s millionaire already. She doesn’t care what people thinks about her clearly! She doesn’t understand why people is so shocking with her performance because all people that grew up in the middle of fame live in a kind of dream… All is ilussion they don’t really have contact with the real world! With what’s happening! Miley you are a star and you were a roll model for most of your fans. All the crazy things that you are doing can affect them directly! But you just don’t undestand…

  19. ScoHayTUBE Says:

    She was dressed as a bear at the VERY beginning of her performance.

  20. Shawn Mahoney Says:

    A bear? What part of her costume was a bear? She looked like a chicken wearing grannie panties.

  21. Dillon Disalvo Says:

    Shes still a kid and getting money relax

  22. isabelle dragnea Says:

    my b-day!!!!

  23. Hunter Graham Says:

    You know, you’re right. She couldn’t use the fame from her father, disney, and her own voice to carry her in her career, that’s absurd! She has to be a huge slut or else noone will respect her! You really made me think just now!

  24. Jaquee Cho Says:

    She is no different than any other performer in entertainment Entertainment being the key word. Obviously she is a sane person in REAL LIFE. Brittany Spears went from innocent school girl to sexual, they all do what they need to. Everyone knows that. And yes, if you have seen her videos, you should not be shocked. Get real.

  25. eyedunnosomeguy Says:

    this bitch is the scum of the earth