Miley Cyrus Ditched At Teen Choice Awards 2013 By Liam Hemsworth

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| October 8th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

24 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Ditched At Teen Choice Awards 2013 By Liam Hemsworth”

  1. john morrison Says:

    Cause miley now is a crazed sex whore

  2. anthony johnson Says:

    george alyatiam u are toallty right

  3. Rachel Peterson Says:

    Guys em I the only be how likes Miley

  4. Charity F. Nieves Says:

    Liam realized she cant be tamed

  5. kenneth hernandez Says:


  6. Skysascensionfucker Says:

    But this. Come on guys miley is a bitch and that’s it motherfuckers. If u don’t like it keep trolling u ass off. But the truth is the truth morons hd

  7. Skysascensionfucker Says:

    This is so lame. U guys are talking about liam in a bad way fuck u losers. I don’t blame liam for living that bitch for fuck sake. Miley was going around shaking her ass on every niggas dick acting like a slut because she wanted to leave her Hannah Montana teenage life. How pathetic and lame. I know that the ppl that are insulting liam are girls. Am not surprised women always want a competition on who is better male or female, how lame they look for reasons to hate guys but it is natural.

  8. alykat2001 Says:

    Miley has a right to do what she wants. I don’t see any of you complaining about Liam cheating on her. Or are you complaining about the lip lock with Eiza. It isn’t anyone’s business to judge her. I don’t personally agree with her style statement, but I’m not gonna sit here and call her a slut and a whore. Get over yourselves.

  9. alykat2001 Says:

    1:37 through 1:40 she looks like she’s about to cry… Hmmmm

  10. 29084557 Says:

    ffs I’m sick of people who don’t personally know Miley labelling her like you know her. Yeah she’s done something I personally don’t agree with but why the hell you still following her story if all you want to do is hate on her? Are your lives that empty? I don’t see why she has to repeat herself over and over again whilst Liam isn’t forced to answer for his BLATANT publicity stunt. Clear double standards, Miley can’t flaunt her sexuality but Liam can? Might as well do what she wants then

  11. MrPionner1 Says:

    the illuminati wants the world be immoral, so they used a stupid artists looking for money like Covetous, So they sell their honor simply, as miley, hana montana hhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! does she think that we r stupid ?!!! next clip will be porn as rihana and soooooooo naked !!! f*******ck u alllllllllllllllllllllllll

  12. Joseph Atkinson Says:

    So suppose your getting married and your soon to be wife was dry humping another man on stage in front of millions of people, i don’t think you will be pleased unless you declared you’re homosexuality on that day

  13. may ann Says:

    couple! ha not anymore!

  14. chalonj17 Says:

    Booooooo I hate you Liam you are a freeking jerk I will always hate u

  15. Yasmine sandrella Says:

    it is not your fucking problem let miley do what she want

  16. Britney Del Rey Says:

    EXACTLY YOU SAID IT !!! Thank you

  17. SDnina1 Says:

    Anyways as we all know. Miley doesn’t care what people say

  18. VAswimmer! :D Says:

    liams a jerk and shit

  19. Foopa JadedDeathSprite Says:

    I want to laugh so hard. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

  20. jhane catacutan Says:

    U know what..if miley really knew the meaning of her song the climb..she’ll get through it..

    Just a message for miley. Things ment to be happened for a reason..
    With a purpose..
    And all things happened in our lives,it is in GOD’s plan..

  21. Nhery Arnzen Says:

    Miley is putting the blame on liam just as an excuse for her slutty actions

  22. Kaffirs Rule Says:

    Cyrus is just another filthy rich, spoiled rotten, no-talent cocksucking whore. Pigs have more class than THIS skank. No morals, no responsibility. Just all the time in the world to drift wherever her stinking, fucking, yeast infected cunt takes her.

  23. Aqib Poseidon Says:

    Who cares!!! It is the american media that propels these puppets to the points they feel they are gods and they couldnt care less about their soo called fans!

  24. Diana Zachariah Says:

    you just proved his point! 😀