MILEY CYRUS Gets Back to TWERK! @ MTV VMA’s 2013 – ETC

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| October 4th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “MILEY CYRUS Gets Back to TWERK! @ MTV VMA’s 2013 – ETC”

  1. AJ Samonte Says:

    Taylor Swift is a stupid… She breaks up with people just to write a song like´╗┐ Mr. Wrong Direction which is a song that she wrote after dating Harry Styles from One Direction. The lyrics were pretty mean…

  2. MusicbangerChanel Says:

    One direction the best song ever…. which is not the best song ever ­čśÇ haha´╗┐ sorry vfor my englisch i am german ­čśÇ

  3. minecraftanimation21 Says:

    This´╗┐ is nasty. Wtf Miley

  4. makala Fischer Says:

    What happened´╗┐ to you!!!

  5. Gerald Nelson Says:

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  6. Agostina Rojo Says:


  7. Agostina Rojo Says:

    Why tweak´╗┐

  8. Diamandis Liouris Says:

    To roloi´╗┐ kinito poy ua kikloforisei einai kaito. Prwto.

  9. tammy gonna Says:

    Looks like´╗┐ Taylor swift has a potty mouth… lol

  10. tammy gonna Says:

    LOL!!..Jadens´╗┐ like “MAKE IT STOP MOMMY!!!!”

  11. thubclubpomb Says:

    Will smith looks like´╗┐ aaww that’s just nasty

  12. Arugan2003 Says:


  13. powerinself Says:

    Her father needs to be a father instead of´╗┐ her friend.hes like a damn groupie.What real man would like it if there grown daughter was acting like Miley.Get some class Miley like Raven Symone.Dont throw away your dignity.I think shes got some emotional issues going on.You can be grown but you don’t have to be a grown whore.

  14. đÉđŻđ░ĐüĐéđ░ĐüđŞĐĆ đöđ░đ│đ░đÁđ▓đ░ Says:

    why is she doing this all used to be a very different´╗┐ chelovekom Remember,love,mourn.

  15. Ddot Mens Says:

    Nicki = Big Ass, Rihanna = Small Ass, Miley = No´╗┐ Ass!!!!

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  21. Axle Rose Says:

    Why taylor´╗┐

  22. seymourbbest Says:

    Looks like jealous girls calling miley a flat ass cause she don’t have´╗┐ a big floppy jelly ass like they do. Miley is one hot piece. You sweat hog girls can just choke on her shit.

  23. Johnnralph Says:

    VMA’s are a´╗┐ joke …

  24. Ghost7065 Says:

    Vmas are a joke.´╗┐

  25. Ghost7065 Says:

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