Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: BREAKUP ALERT!!

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| October 18th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: BREAKUP ALERT!!”

  1. emmytape Says:

    They were really cute together and you could tell they loved eachother AT THE TIME back then Miley was still the Miley we saw on Hannah Montana the one all us fans loved but now she went and changed her image and basicly everything about herself… so ya it totally makes sense he would leave her, especially after what happened at the VMA’s… shes changed and he deserved better

  2. lashahalls Says:

    I miss the old miley

  3. lashahalls Says:

    He won’t be happy , be sure of that

  4. Anne VD Sluis Says:

    she was so beautiful

  5. iTubeWeTubeTogether Says:

    No, she doesn’t deserve him.

  6. SooWonSooRiMinYulYAY Says:

    he doesn’t deserve her.

  7. Isabella Duclayan Says:

    You loo

  8. mo jo Says:

    She should date her ass since she loves it somuch

  9. Samantha Embree Says:

    i think they were a good couple and they should have never broke up. and she should date Taylor Loutner or however you spell it

  10. cheyenne dosswaterman Says:

    And really listen to ur fans Miley we want the old Miley back we miss u 🙁 please

  11. cheyenne dosswaterman Says:

    🙁 get back together really what the hell

  12. Antonia M Says:

    They were soo cute together until miley went CRAZY!

  13. cynthia pouliot Says:

    i miss the old miley cyrus too

  14. stefy castillo Says:


  15. Harry Lacayo Says:

    bellisima miley como siempre

  16. Priscilla Martinez Says:

    i miss them toghter /:

  17. mercedeskarinajjh Says:

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  18. PinkKittyHamster2 Says:

    with you their French fries with ice-cream I only did that at Wendy’s with chocolate delicious 

  19. soulcurse love Says:

    WTF why do u take a clip from boggie rip off


    Life is an expression of one’s self, personality.if no one can respect or accept that. Then don’t look.listen just fade away. Just cuz u dress preppy doesn’t mean your not a slut “liams new bitch.”miley u should of kicked him in the nuts always makes me feel better.

  21. kristy lane Says:

    Chels wat up with the glasses
    No offence

  22. Chelsea cornelson Says:

    Miley got dumped, than she wrote wreaking ball for liam!
    cuse they over!

  23. Chelsea cornelson Says:

    I also miss the old Miley! What the heck
    happened to hannah montana!!!!??????

  24. galautralala Says:

    miley needs to get back on earth then she’ll be having a good romance

  25. Jackie tomlinson Says:

    Wrecking ball is because of Liam Hemsworth