Miley Cyrus – My Darlin’ ft. Future (Official Lyric Video)

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24 Responses to “Miley Cyrus – My Darlin’ ft. Future (Official Lyric Video)”

  1. Thomas Jackson Says:

    Sorry to bust your bubble , but you messed up . its not ” I walked threw a B O W L of water ” its ” I walked threw a pool of water , and saw a shadow of a broken-hearted girl ” and it’s NOT ” I bet I over worked ” its ” For better or for worse ” also , its NOT ” I ain’t find no romance , but you got my sweating .. what happened to that feeling ” itS “I ain’t pop no molly , but you still got me sweatin ” . WELL , I just wanted to help ya out, before kids start singing , something else ! Bye

  2. Ayana Shabazz Says:

    You got the lyrics all fucked up lmao

  3. Keatina Blakeney Says:


  4. Angelica Andrews Says:

    this is horrible, and the chorus is from an old Ben E. King song “Stand By Me”, and wow, they wrecked it.
    i like most of the songs on this album, but not this.

  5. HummingWeed Says:

    What meant whit ‘mike will made it’? If she meant jackson, there are not color whit him, sorry Miley.

  6. Amber Mills Says:


  7. Octavio Torres Says:

    If We Were A Movie Part 2

  8. creativecamera427 Says:

    WRONG LYRICS!!!!!!!

  9. GeekishChic Says:

    This song is a piece of auto tuned shit

  10. Isidora Jurisic Says:

    it’s fucking amazing,miley is the best

  11. xxsantiagoxo Says:

    I like this song <|3

  12. Daisha R. Says:

    In the beginning it’s.. “I walked through a puddle of water”.. And it’s “for better or for worst”

  13. no non Says:

    its “i aint pop no molly”

  14. Cailyn Arnholt Says:

    I hope you know these are like all wrong.

  15. Doubledutchonbeat Says:

    This aint official. Fuck you!!!

  16. gonzalezsunny9695 Says:


  17. gonzalezsunny9695 Says:

    I like you design and the concept your going for but your actual lyrics need fixing cause their not right ..

  18. smilers rock Says:

    thanks a lot 😉 your amazing

  19. SoundkraftLyrics Says:

    Thanks and I make these videos in my spare time and I’ll try my best to upload a correcter version

  20. smilers rock Says:

    hey the way you make this is just FANTASTIC i know its not easy but can you make a correcter version of this 😉 ?

  21. Jewel Grady Says:

    In the beginning it’s something about a “boulevard” not ‘bowl of water’

  22. SoundkraftLyrics Says:

    Stop Hatin’
    If you have something bad to say then you better don’t say that. 🙂

  23. SoundkraftLyrics Says:

    No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. So Am I. 🙂

  24. Miley Cyrus Says:

    this is a good song but horrible lyric video.