Miley Cyrus on Whether Wedding With Liam Hemsworth Is On: ‘I’m Wearing a Ring, So…’

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| October 12th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

24 Responses to “Miley Cyrus on Whether Wedding With Liam Hemsworth Is On: ‘I’m Wearing a Ring, So…’”

  1. roselewis895 Says:

    Luv u miley!!!

  2. Keke Doe Says:

    Y’all don’t get it she changed because if Liam !!

  3. Hanny Sweet Says:

    She changes to a bad girl to get more money and get people attention .

  4. Hanny Sweet Says:

    She’s changed to a bad girl .

  5. childrenofthecrow Says:

    Had enough of Mileys Cyrarse and the rest of the current crop of porn pop puppets? then try listening to Roadidendrens track poptarts as she’s refreshing in these times of ricki minaj and Rhiannas rear.

  6. Kookiemango Says:

    Omg it looks like a diaper is what I ment to say ok my device corrected it

  7. Mandychickchick Says:

    cuz she´s lost a lot of weight and your mouth usually looks bigger when that happens

  8. Liisa Ketter Liitoja Says:

    miley youre not good any more!

    i hate you for now!

    i miis you!

  9. Harit BK Says:


  10. Kookiemango Says:

    OMG it look like a doper

  11. Thania Ma. Says:

    haters are gonna hate, but the hearters are gonna click on your youtube video

  12. Millie Bryan Says:

    what a dirty, lying, whore.

  13. Natalie Casey Says:

    awww she looks so upset when they start talking about her getting married 🙁 I LOVE U MILEY

  14. PDC Ghada Says:

    I noticed something strange in Hollywood, correct me if I am wrong. The strange thing they are pushing the female singers to get married so early and young and in a crtical stage in their life (20’s) when they should been studying and graduating from College and having their bachelor’s degree RIGHT? is so Strange. Do you Agree? I think they want to ruin their lives and have nothing later.

  15. crazycrizzy123 Says:

    Why in the world were there tiny teenagers in the front row?!!? So sad… stupid parents

  16. SmartOwl Says:

    LOL, cheesy outfit, bottom like a diaper that is

  17. Dilesha Stelmach Says:

    why are her teeth so big all of a sudden???

  18. Mary Jane Says:

    Her voice is annoying.

  19. Edith Serratos Says:

    This video quality is terrible

  20. Adele Tang Says:

    She can’t be stopped

  21. Ainsley Woods Says:

    at 1:39, look at the girls at the bottom right

  22. Ramon Avila Says:

    I will always hate you slut

  23. Sorcha Hughes-Finnie Says:

    Them chicks in the background were bareeee annoying’ ! silly bitch HA !! But miley so cool 🙂

  24. xxDaBigOnesxx Says:

    Woah.. calm down.