Miley Cyrus Performing We Can’t Stop at iHeartRadio Festival

Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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| October 8th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

24 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Performing We Can’t Stop at iHeartRadio Festival”

  1. frosie happy Says:

    Miley you just act and dress stupid please come back to reality.

  2. ayo868 Says:

    This is like a really bad trip

  3. Michelle Baez Says:

    This is the worst shit I’ve ever seen!!!

  4. Silvia Jimenez Says:

    She sucks live.. and she needs tits to actually pull off that outfit!

  5. Hopcat101 Says:

    My poor achy breaky heart

  6. sky smith Says:

    that midget was getting it lol pop that

  7. miranda deleon Says:

    U guys need to stop hating on her

  8. 1GovernmentHooker Says:

    Embarrassing, in the worst ways. Liam ran fast!!!!! HAHA

  9. 1GovernmentHooker Says:

    @RhiannonWright nobody gives a fuck, except for the pedophiles that might read that. Of course all girls have different sized boobs!

  10. 1GovernmentHooker Says:

    Keep on trying to be Lady GaGa, girl!!

  11. ashleyisbadd22 Says:

    Shes the WORST performer EVER…she just walks around the stage looking DUMB

  12. nuniibabyx3 Says:

    LMFAO shouldnt you be playing with barbies or something?

  13. Rafael Jimenez Says:

    2:16 LOL!

  14. Melissa Kirkham Says:

    That outfit isnt even attractive in any way. I dont get why she wants to wear outfits like that anyway, she has no boobs.

  15. Rhiannon Wright Says:

    I love miley but I’m 13 and have bigger boobs

  16. tatia bagaturia Says:


  17. rain H Says:

    Her outfit! :O

  18. b dizzle Says:

    lmao this is so crazy and different I still love her despite the hate

  19. Mackenzie Banuelos Says:

    Miley, you can still be yourself, with some clothes on .

  20. Ericka Serrato Says:

    i like how Britney Spears introduced miley….

  21. Amyah Arrington Says:

    Leave Miley alone

  22. MrVoltize Says:


  23. xsweetdreamsx33 Says:

    she’s so fucking amazing, SHE’S A QUEEN! <3

  24. abe Dalston Says:

    Boring, very bad perf!