Miley Cyrus Pregnancy With Juicy J Rumors Not Denied

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| October 11th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Pregnancy With Juicy J Rumors Not Denied”

  1. bigjayking24 Says:

    Yes you do. Stop lieing. You are on this page trying to see if she is or isn’t. Calm down!

  2. Katy Meves Says:

    I meant sterling

  3. Katy Meves Says:

    I agree stealing this is so much. Trash and it is just like magazines but worse

  4. Sterling Chandler Says:

    Your a bunch of fucking idiots. People feed into this trashy ass hoe so much and it shows just how pathetic everyone’s life is to even follow this BS up!

  5. Alli Evans Says:

    hahaha i just love how crzy she is…

  6. ulla praisa Says:

    Omg I don’t care

  7. Amazingsky18 Says:

    she was being sarcastic… -.- she’s not really pregnant….

  8. andrew12192 Says:

    Song name at the beginning an end???

  9. Janetta Young Says:

    Is she ginba keep this look when shes 50 years old


    Que onda

  11. Hannah Moors Says:

    I just realized she said that tweet AFTER she heard the rumors, I thought it was what started the rumors! (Don’t judge me, I’m not smart! 😀 lol)

    I think it’s good that Miley’s jsut laughing it off!!!

    If I’m being honest, I would’ve PROBABLY done that same thing as Miley did!

    I love Miley and the rumor are probably 99.999% BS!

  12. Miley Cyrus Says:

    Oh….. Lucky baby ♥♥

  13. RNT26066 Says:

    She’s a ho.

  14. LJ Figueroa Says:

    Thats exactly what this all is, the twerking, the weird VMA performance, and her nude in wrecking ball, is all a publicity stunt; she is trying to get attention to cell her album, it may not be the appropriate way to do it, but it is working.

  15. vanessaluvsya224 Says:

    Poor baby

  16. Corban McCallum Says:

    Um I’m not surprised but I don’t think she is

  17. Garoush519 Says:

    I think she’s doing everything she can to be remembered forever, but this type of publicity doesn’t last.. its just a phase! I think She’s turning into kim kardashian..

  18. Bloom Montez Says:

    she is doing this because she wants attention that’s why she’s acting like that soon she well end all , because everyone talks about it all the scandals that she makes

  19. Maria Varadi Says:

    and ppl who say it’s a joke..pregnancy is not a joking mater..

  20. Maria Varadi Says:

    can she get even more pathetic?…ppl say she wants to show that she’s a woman now..she doesn’t have to show US that she’s a woman!nobody gives a fuck!keep ur sexual life behind locked doors like everybody else..why the fuck do we have to know everything?..

  21. Dylan Smith Says:

    Is Miley Cyrus pregnant? Will GTA Online ever work?
    Is the government really shutting down?
    Find out on the next episode of DrangonBall Z

  22. Libby Lucia Says:

    A joke

  23. kassidymarinez01 Says:

    its a joke idiots

  24. will atherton Says:

    its a

  25. Riveil Says:

    feel bad though I hope they get back together