Miley Cyrus Pregnant With Juicy J’s Baby

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| October 8th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Pregnant With Juicy J’s Baby”

  1. Zelda Sword Says:

    Just to let ya’ll know Miley Cyrus has net worth 150 million still growin and worldwide fame Juicy J has 20 million not so much fame

  2. zubair siddiqui Says:

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  3. Sakazuki Gensui Says:

    better than bieber thats for sure.

  4. Sakazuki Gensui Says:

    Bet she gives a mean head.

  5. TheAKshow4738756 Says:

    Not worried for miley cyrus im worried for if she is preggers the baby inside of her

  6. Mizzthick2k12 Says:

    For all the people who’s calling jer dumb bitch and hoes and dumb!! Apparently she doing something right she making more money then ya’ll dumbass^_Get off the girls dick damn

  7. bennisha101098 Says:

    I use to look up to miley Cyrus but now she gone crazy

  8. Lou Na Says:

    We don’t care about this fucking hannah montana.

  9. bbakerqb87 Says:

    She wishes she was juicy j bm

  10. Fizlia wardani Says:

    Oh it hurts my achy breaky heart xD

  11. Sally May Says:

    Omg Miley’s all over the fucking news! I’m tired if hearing about her -.-

  12. Yuriy Tchaikovsky Says:

    Yeah. Why don’t we just get every girl fucked by black guys so that we have 2 as many ugly niggers

  13. erica rox Says:

    I like miley

  14. samuel mendoza Says:

    Fuck her

  15. Lilly Garcia Says:

    Miley is Queen.

  16. Little Diva123 Says:

    sooooooooooooooooooo sick of damn miley when will she learn shes a dumbass bitch

  17. ismail4488x Says:

    fuck mily

  18. jorgefernandez1977 Says:

    she is stupid

  19. Xman Says:

    I sick of hearing about her since she left Disney and lost her damn mind.

  20. Debbie Barton Says:

    Totally sick of hearing about Miley!

  21. FluffyKittenMittens1 Says:

    She wanted the D

  22. Dayana Bucio Says:

    I am so sick of hearing about Miley! Every thing revolves around her!

  23. DiamondGames HD Says:

    if true, miley toook juicys, “juice” XD

  24. DaBestKidEver Says:

    Im on that weird part of youtube again….

  25. MrBlox339 Says:

    Miley unfollowed Liam on Twitter… I guess things weren’t *werking out