Miley Cyrus reportedly ‘envious’ of North West

Miley Cyrus is quite envious of the name of North West. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ star – whose actual name is Destiny Hope Cyrus – is jealous she does not have an edgy byname like the twenty one month old daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

A leading website reported that an insider told that Miley actually envious of her name. Like, her name is North West! Miley wishes that her parents were edgier back in the day and named her something cool. She likes her name, Destiny, but it does not fit her personality or style. North West, now, that is an authentic as well as cool name and Miley loves it.

The twenty two year old, who regularly shares photos on Instagram of her face manipulated with programs like Photoshop and one insider jokingly said that she is probably eager to babysit North West.

While another insider added that she totally could see herself babysitting West. The former Hannah Montana star thinks that she is so perfect and would not cry. She probably even has the nicest manners ever for a baby.

While Kanye West does not appear too bothered by Cyrus’ fondness of his kid and he believes that this is a form of flattery. An insider told a leading website that Kanye West does not mind that Miley’s posing as North. He thinks it’s a form of flattery.

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