Miley Cyrus Says She’s Pregnant With Juicy J’s Baby

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| October 6th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Says She’s Pregnant With Juicy J’s Baby”

  1. elijahh eugene Says:

    U say no no to miley sires juicy j cant.

  2. Breyonna Sanders Says:

    She is not


    Um no she ain’t preganat

  4. cometslayer56 Says:

    I dont give a single fuck.

  5. sophiexx991 Says:

    She is not pregnant

  6. Meriem Kamal Says:

    hh no she’s not pregnant

  7. RNT26066 Says:

    Can’t stand her and that big ugly tongue. She looks like some kind of humanoid lizard. Does she think that is sexy? Nasty

  8. 60microphonemajesty Says:

    If you truly believe she is a badd bitch then you seriously need to be checked out.Not even close.

  9. tiff9165 Says:

    You people still don’t want to listen. Its not true! You all loove hearing what you want to hear , not what the truth is! . She never said it. Okay or there would be a video of her saying it dunb asses! I don’t know how many fucking times I have commented on this shit trying to get people to listen but you guys won’t!! You all want to believe in lies and rumors. She has been sarcastic about the whole thing because idiots like you believe shit like this cuz it is what you want to hear!

  10. Alexis Christopher Says:

    Fuck yall all of yall who diss miley if that bitch pregnant let her be…. she sitting on 200million wat yall bitch sitting on… a fuck dollar… that ha business if she wanna be black to try sumthing new…. YOU RACES BITCHES

  11. mckayla mccloud Says:

    please watch mark k baxter on youtube please watch atleast 1 video please i promise you will not regret it

  12. keithmckinney24 Says:

    I told u guys that she was gonna start fucking on a black dude I knew this was coming she not the only one that’s gonna come over to the dark side

  13. Kelly Nnowalue Says:

    she is crazy, if it is true than juicy j is not the father of that baby

  14. Lynn Hope Says:

    u are sounding mad as fuck right now lol

  15. ThePicklesMan Says:

    But that’s a good thing

  16. John Smithson Says:

    i hope that stupid rich bitch pops out a black baby. she deserves it.

  17. elizabethdouglas97 Says:

    Now who all remembers Mile’s being Hannah Montana?

  18. Geseen W Says:

    Gold Jacket Green Jacket, who gives a shit

  19. camocorndog Says:

    illuminati Baby!!

  20. Drew eh Says:

    Shit juicy! run nigga!

  21. tiff9165 Says:

    O my gracias! You people still don’t get it! She isn’t pregnant. It IS a rumor that some people made up because they have nothing to do with their lame lives. If she ever said sonething like that, we all know someone would have caught it on tape because everyone just looooves recording EVERYTHING she does, someone should show that fucking proof!! She isn’t pregnant so get over it. You will see in the long run and feel like a total idiot like the idiot you are.

  22. Ryanchami Says:


  23. Ace Kapone Says:


  24. Brittany Dawn Says:

    You say NO to rachet pussy, Juicy J can’t.

  25. Kirstin Banks Says:

    People should just leave her alone