Miley Cyrus Sinead O’Connor Twitter Facebook battle [TERRIBLE ACCENTS]

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| October 9th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

13 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Sinead O’Connor Twitter Facebook battle [TERRIBLE ACCENTS]”

  1. Christine Orpurt Says:

    If you are a man, you’re awesome.

  2. TheFinisher000 Says:

    It becomes impossible to ignore her as she’s all over the net and tv. The way she acts is absolutely disgusting. She’s arguably the biggest douche there is and thats next to impossible for a female to pull off. To sum it up… she’s a wanna be whore.

  3. Gabriel Morato Says:

    I find Miley really cute. I just don’t get it why so many people pay attention to her if they don’t like her way of expressing herself.

  4. TheFinisher000 Says:

    Does anyone honestly think Miley’s attractive??? Didn’t think so…fucking cunt.

  5. kaylee0908765 Says:


  6. Paddy Gilman Says:

    Americans are fucking stupid

  7. heyitsmejason1 Says:

    Miley is whoreable

  8. manderbos Says:

    So tired of seeing her body being flash around. She’s just become a boring joke, more uninteresting behavior that everyone is already tired of seeing. Please Miley, no more tongue, underwear as clothes and nudity. Haven’t you ever heard of leaving something to the imagination? What decent respectable man would want to marry her now other than for her money?

  9. liz metevier Says:

    Miley needs to just retire, go somewhere, anywhere far far away from anyone that’s not fully deaf! Just hearing her voice makes me want to vomit!

  10. thespicehoarder Says:

    RIP English.

  11. JasonDouglasMedia Says:

    oconnor is a champ miley is a ratchet hoe.

  12. cocoa tresbelle Says:

    M8ley is dumb

  13. cocoa tresbelle Says:

    She so stupid miley senea is trying to help