Miley Cyrus – SMS(BANGERZ) Feat. Brittany Spears

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| October 14th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus – SMS(BANGERZ) Feat. Brittany Spears”

  1. Ari Shinsky Says:

    Says the one who just misspelled it. It’s Britney Spears, not BRITEY SPEARS.

  2. Aaron Garling Says:

    Illuminati mind control is getting the best of me

  3. Fabio Poveda Says:

    its allright

  4. ALi L Says:

    finally a good version of this song

  5. nnatterton Says:

    This is my favorite song on bangerz

  6. Adrian Santacruz Says:

    This song grew on me, at first I was like naw but I’m liking it. Not the best but decent

  7. Sirree Raysor Says:

    not legendary yet! but she will be.

  8. Aaron Garling Says:

    This is kind of intoxicating tbh. Its really bipolar and a mess. But I think its definitely the most unique of the album… a nice way to put it. But hopefully they have a remix and take out her second verse.

  9. Camilla Spears Says:

    Asshole it’s BRITEY SPEARS!

  10. NoxianPride Says:

    No its a good song!

  11. Walter Kratzer Says:

    I love this fucking song!!!!

  12. thekiss104 Says:

    se imaginan a estas dos perreando y moviendo el culo jejeje

  13. thekiss104 Says:

    jejejeje me gusta

  14. Stefano Bertolaso Says:

    The Legendary Miss BRITNEY SPEARS not Brittany Spears.
    Learn the music history.

  15. Liam Scott Says:

    I think you kind of need to just get used to these songs. I streamed Bangerz and skipped through the album and thought “wow wrecking ball and we cant stop are the only decent tracks” but now i’m in love with 75% of this record, and this is one of my favourites.

  16. cristian diaz Says:


  17. anwalborn Says:

    This one of my favorites songs on Bangerz, but apparently I’m alone with that:'(

  18. melaniemcxx Says:

    hahaha ohhhh!!!

  19. cina1994 Says:

    This is one of the worst songs on Bangerz

  20. paulapayneperry Says:

    im listening to all her new songs and i think this is the worst of the entire album. I mean idk you’re doing a song with britney spears it could be way better, Miley’s voice is great, a shitty sound like this and autotune doesnt show it. I think she could do it better with Britney, not hating on her just my opinion, i actually like her

  21. Daydreamer015 Says:

    Battery pack = dildo lul ;p

  22. melaniemcxx Says:

    i don’t get the joke?? explain lol

  23. Patricia Te Says:

    this song is so cool but i really had to laugh about the battery pack, cause we all know 😉

  24. palmtreegalaxy calley Says:

    this shit is fire fire fire

  25. cartoonworld2013 Says:

    *Britney not Brittany…