Miley Cyrus SNL Promos & WTF Tattoo, Mockingjay Set Photos & Maia Mitchell Talks R5 – Clevver Feed

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25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus SNL Promos & WTF Tattoo, Mockingjay Set Photos & Maia Mitchell Talks R5 – Clevver Feed”

  1. Eleanor Rees Says:

    Yep, Katniss and Gale really look WRONG!! no offence, but, I don’t see them together and sometimes in the third book, I think Gale pressured Katniss into a lot and made her feel bad for the things she was doing to help Peeta- my opinion, sorry if no one agrees with it!xoxo

  2. Eleanor Rees Says:

    Thank you! That’s what I keep saying!xoxo

  3. Isis Ensink Says:

    About the mockinjay photo number two:
    ”She’s looking like the strong katniss.”
    You do realise katniss is like 80% broken 20% strong in the third and final book right -___- no offense to others i love the character, just making it realistic. she’s broken because of peeta and the games..

  4. Doug Tuttle Says:

    your square is not a square

  5. Shabadudes Says:

    Hes joke suck

  6. hatakuu Says:

    You should probably walk off a cliff.

  7. Kiara Phoebe Chendrawan Says:

    i feel like maia is a mix of hailee and bailee l

  8. timholith45 Says:

    That was AWFUL

  9. Dayana Delgado Says:

    who’s tattoo was that?

  10. RealBelieberTV Says:

    YES! They do look alike….i didnt even notice that before

  11. Marissa Pena Says:


  12. Velenbieber Says:

    Let him to what he wants i love Justin bieber let him to what he wants to do. He was just playing around his a pranker and funy and so adorable love you justin bieber3 my bby justiiiin and future husband and current boyfriend3

  13. Stephanie Aluya Says:

    They do look alike I thought they where sisters

  14. Vivian Tang Says:

    miley lmfao


  15. nehabeliieber Says:

    Justin did walk

  16. lydia zupanc Says:

    Was it jut me or did any one else freak out when Jackson guthy was in the background when Maia was talking???!!!

  17. Emma Beardsall Says:

    Justin probably just posed like that 4 the photo! Ppl r actually getting hyped up about that?? Lol

  18. Sophia Muys Says:

    that person who got that tattoo must have regreted it about 10 min after they got it.

  19. DuctTape4LifeVH Says:

    Yes they look alike

  20. mruby31 Says:

    but why does there have to but two parts to mockingjay? 🙁 one would have worked out perfectly fine.

  21. Lakerea Burrell Says:

    That’s a rectangle….

  22. Satoumu Mc Says:

    That was a rectangle

  23. Arianda Lando Says:

    Miley rule!!!

  24. Monica Mayhem Says:

    P.s vote for miley at ema plz and Ty

  25. Monica Mayhem Says:

    Always a smiler