Miley Cyrus Stuns at MTV Video Music Awards

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| October 20th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

24 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Stuns at MTV Video Music Awards”

  1. 小 紅昌 Says:

    Nobody’s Perfect

  2. Cuban Cuba Says:

    best shit ever

  3. BlueShinai's interviews etc. Says:

    We love you, Miley. Stop the insanity. =D Watch the Southpark episode on Britney Spears. Don’t let “them” do that to YOU!  <3

  4. bouncinggyro Says:

    What is the music when she twerks?

  5. LoveMeSomeHaters Says:

    Nah I think you’re dumb and dumb BRAH

  6. pawndominance1 Says:

    Nah I think I’m smart and correct brah

  7. Luzmercedes delara Says:

    que es lo que ella esta consumiendo

  8. jannigan Says:

    it just sucks that a bunch of good girls are skanks now because of this. its obviously not mc’s fault cause she’s just a person who’s living her life. it just sucks that a bunch of girls are turning into skanks. I guess as more and more girls are gonna be having sex with more and more guys, guys are just gonna have to deal with it and lose that desire for a girl that hasn’t done it with everybody.

  9. Amaker Haefner Says:

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  11. Marcia Alexandria Says:

    Besides what do y’all expect, she’s been singing basic shit for way toooo long

  12. Marcia Alexandria Says:

    It’s not that bad . It represents not giving a FUh

  13. Toni Smith Says:

    They need to have the “Slut” awards.. The winner would no doubt be MC. Next up, Beyoncé, etc. They have been taught that you don’t let the public shame you and ignore the public. Young people are the most vunerable. They think this is cool. She has no real talent. It is about making money…until the drugs and alcohol take control…then we can rid society of these disgusting misfits.

  14. Maryery Montes Says:

    lo distingue a miley y Britney es que miley es bulgar y Britney no se ve asi

  15. Nicole Patterson Says:

    Everything said is true

  16. flameasshater Says:

    Wait I figured it out, She keeps bending over because singing through her ass and vagina in 2 part harmony the twerking is adding staccato to the harmony, you people fail to see her talent this is new concept how to make money off ass and vagina with little vocal talent.

  17. Fernando Salazar Sánchez Says:

    Miley Cyrus Soon in Jersey hore.

  18. Kyle Cole Says:

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  19. Heidi Shields Says:


  20. Judith Hypp Says:

    Miley is a slut and a hoe

  21. Pete Gunther Says:

    How to get with everyone says show business in show business and you nailed it stay your course the old hippie

  22. Chris Windley Says:

    Ooops – even this got 1.25 Million views LOL !!

  23. Astrid Ruiz Ruiz Says:


  24. charles jr Says:

    people get over it because if she wasnt a star nobody would care