Miley Cyrus Talks About Her MTV VMA 2013 Performance – Responds Positively

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| October 16th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Talks About Her MTV VMA 2013 Performance – Responds Positively”

  1. Sparkle Frederick Says:

    Miley didn’t go to the VMA to give a best performance, she went there to get people talking, she went to shake things up and get her name in everyones mouth. And she succeeded big time. She knew exactly whats she was doing.

  2. Reina Grant Says:

    honestly the vma performance gave me nightmares

  3. mercedeskarinajjh Says:

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  4. Marcus Jones Says:

    Good body remove head 😛

  5. Curtis Marshall Says:

    “if it wasn’t for slime balls like you’re self women wouldn’t be vunerable to exploitation”

    Is that not considered rude in your tiny little brain? Eat shit.

  6. Anand Akhilesh Says:

    Rachael Wayne – Why do you have to make mistakes and then learn from them. Why try NOT to make mistakes. I know everybody does mistakes but at some point stop but for miley she doesn’t stop. Don’t want to be rude to you Racheal , just giving my opinion.

  7. Anand Akhilesh Says:

    one of the worst performances ever seen. wish to never ever see her again. Cannot compare to GAGA.

  8. Maria Barrientos Says:

    I like Miley but Gaga’s Performance was better

  9. socomply5963 Says:


  10. Axel Garcia Says:

    Every body thumbs down Miley’s performence was better

  11. 1kittykatkats Says:

    what the fuck calm down man you’re just being rude…

  12. Trish J Says:

    When Miley is alone and the demons come…and they do, she cries like the rest of us and hurts like the rest of us. Please do not demonize her. Pray for her, because she needs it. She is in extreme danger. What goes up, must come down.
    This will reach critical mass soon enough.
    Until then, protest by not buying her album.

  13. Rishi Kishore Says:

    I have seen enough to not care what they wear for stage performance anymore, but atleast Miley Cyrus should hire a choreographer for next time.

  14. tiffany fan Says:

    NOW i think that lady gaga is better then miley at least

  15. Mallory Knox Says:

    Learn some manners, you’re starting to sound silly.

  16. Curtis Marshall Says:

    You’re more worthless than a spec of shit. Go worship your media idols, and take a bath, you stink like monkey piss. 

  17. Madison Stone Says:

    I did not like that stupid proformince

  18. Mallory Knox Says:

    Dirty aids monkey? You fucking disgust me.

  19. Curtis Marshall Says:

    Women are free to express themselves, and I’m free to criticize it if I feel like it. Just cuz you don’t agree doesn’t mean im not right, you’re nothing but a dirty aids monkey so I couldn’t care less what you think.haha I’ll be the judge of what I think is provocative and what is prostitution, and this is prostitution and the sexual exploited of children at it’s worst. YOu’re obviously too immature and stupid to understand that, probably raised by a single mother who lives on welfare.

  20. Mallory Knox Says:

    She can sing, she’s not using her body like a prostitute she is being provocative. What makes me sick, is that you actually judge her by her hotness “I thought she was hot before that performance, now i’m just turned off at the site of her” . Lets be real if it wasn’t for slime balls like you’re self women wouldn’t be vunerable to exploitation instead they would be free to express like miley is doing.

  21. Kyle Cole Says:

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  22. Rachel Wayne Says:

    Fucking typo! Why doesn’t anyone make any changes?. She is you all have it’s part of coming of age!. She doesn’t deserve bad comments from any of you!. Go sweep the dirt from your own door before you go sweep around someone else’s.

  23. Rachel Wayne Says:

    Wait who is anyone to tell her wtf to be ? Hey why don’t anyone’s me any changes?. You can’t judge her unless you look at yourself first!. She is young and will make mistakes and we all learn from those mistakes so stop judging when we all have something!

  24. Nicolas Masiero Says:

    she just wasted the great talent that she had

  25. When4tv Says:

    Like it