Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Transition From Hannah Montana With Angie Martinez

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| October 13th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

24 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Transition From Hannah Montana With Angie Martinez”

  1. Kiyani Carter Says:

    Miley: why do people care?
    Me: Because we used to love you!
    Miley: *twerk*
    Me: WTF

  2. cassie ainsworth Says:

    who cares that she was naked in on a wrecking ball guyS SHE WASN’T WEARING A HARDHAT IN A CONSTRUCTION ZONE ???

  3. jstruth1 Says:

    You didn’t grow you downgraded girl. .you signed the blood contract for sex. .your talent is now down the drain of hell! Lord have mercy!

  4. Karin Durrheim Says:

    You said you took time to grow up no you took time to destroy yourself it is just my opinion you are no longer awesome . Theis is my opinion

  5. cHriiSzbEe Says:

    Miley’s such a hoe, I’d still fuck her tho

  6. Michael Javier Says:

    acourse angie can be turnt up as matter of fact she should release a new track…i miss rapper angie 🙁

  7. Ash Jones Says:

    lol faggot

  8. Layth Hert Says:

    The guy at the back who is playing with his phone tho <<<<

  9. Richard F Says:

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  10. Forever Kawaii Says:

    I’m sorry, but no. Her music is good, so good. But her videos make the song shit, a music video can make a song bad.

  11. jasmine barometre Says:


  12. carrouh1 Says:

    plz tell my why that’s not ok?

  13. anthony carmine Says:

    Growing up?! Growing up doesn’t make it ok to twerk and get naked on a ball.

  14. Shilpa pierpont-hale Says:

    i love her

  15. Carlos Jose Ros Says:

    Thanks miley, now I know, I’m the weird… crazy bitch hahaha

  16. Jonny Miner Says:


  17. Sherry Salehian Says:

    Fake=Miley Cyrus,
    And you’re dump* not smart,
    You’re not caring at all and changed,
    So shut you whore mouth.

  18. bailey goodson Says:

    I can judge whoever i want just because you all r little kids saying “DONT HATE ON MILEY SHES BEAUTIFUL” Dude i dont give to F****!!! Shes become a slut on a wrecking ball.

  19. nokysmiler BlahBlah Says:

    listen I’m 16 and I smoke..and she’s 20. People do that shit. Get over it.

  20. ndorris12 Says:

    Seriously shut up! Just because you smoke doesn’t mean you need rehab. Needing rehab is when you do it everyday 24/7 and make bad choices because of it! Doesn’t look like she’s making bad choices! She’s just another 20-year-old trying to find her place in this world! SO GET THE F*** OVER IT!

  21. ersin yavuz Says:



    who died and made you boss last we heard it was lester scott


    olivia might your parent be eric

  24. AoxomoxoA Says:

    i came here because of my dick & he came to.