Miley Cyrus Tells Britney Spears She Wanted To Do VMAs Topless

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| October 9th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Tells Britney Spears She Wanted To Do VMAs Topless”

  1. LadyLikeMommy Says:


  2. marina garcia Says:

    Miley should consider doing an advertisement poster for memograms.

  3. tess price Says:

    I am a dead inside to a god girl to a bad girl

  4. Zozonewc Says:


  5. camilah pilto Says:

    No offense but you guyz are like 45 years old. Get a life much ?

  6. Michelle Betley Says:

    She was so pretty and now she is a hoe so idk if she would or not it will be interesting

  7. Jami Boulter Says:

    If she wonts to I RELLY DONT WONT TO SEE THAT

  8. Anne Shklovin Says:

    wow. she is by far the biggest attention whore I’ve seen so far, and that includes lady gaga.

  9. Jeffray Crownwell Says:

    I fear the worst for Miley…it’s like…See my entrance?!? because when I’m about to leave and I will soon, you’ll all remember me for the rest of your lives. So the point is that if nobody helps her, she wont reach the age of 22

  10. Hasbrown369 Says:

    If she does ……….

  11. SonicHedgehogRocks99 Says:

    She really does get the best of both effing worlds now.

  12. iVlogsWithIndia Says:


  13. Sarai Perez Says:

    About your life

  14. Sarai Perez Says:

    Miley I know you love shake your ass but aka sweetie people all around the world don’t give a fuck what you do

  15. Sarai Perez Says:

    Now I think Miley is turning a bit horny like Amanda Bynes.

  16. kkorova Says:

    did she really put a lot of pressure on herself for the vma’s? how about putting pressure on her singing instead of getting naked?


    What’s with the tongue? Nasty bitch!

  18. JUR11698 Says:


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  20. abir magar Says:

    Hell no

  21. Mexicancr71 Says:

    She should go die in a hole! I feel dumb wasting my time just talking about this slut!

  22. Mexicancr71 Says:

    Fuck no! No one wants to see her flappy ass AND saggy BOOBS!

  23. Cameron Elliott Says:


  24. spoiled20bratt Says:

    Oh god no

  25. yuki uchiwa Says:

    is this a porn channel or what ? all i’m seeing is naked stars