Miley Cyrus Tells Matt Lauer He is NOT Sexual.

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| October 11th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Tells Matt Lauer He is NOT Sexual.”

  1. MsOneiroi77 Says:

    She’s about as sexual as Vicky Pollard

  2. franzabananza Says:

    oh lol well as a kid you just notice stuff and when i got older i asked or they told me lol we’re a very open family…not with everything but with most things

  3. tonyamanieri1 Says:

    Jeffrey just misspelled dumb while calling her”dum”.

  4. WarriorCats Rule Says:

    anything from her is not true

  5. Sarah Carroll Says:

    My mother just got a new boyfriend and she’s 68. He’s living with her now so you can’t tell me there’s nothing happening there. Miley is just showing how immature and ignorant she really is.

  6. Haze Aulaian Says:


  7. Thomas L Says:

    Mileys not sexual at all. Who does she think she,s kidding.

  8. Katie Moore Says:

    Dumb blonde dumb blonde

  9. IndigoVibes Says:

    Yea Ive heard about the mysterious phenomenon of genitals falling off and sex drives depleting once we hit 40.

  10. Primalxbeast Says:

    I’ve heard someone say that they once asked a man over 100 when he lost interest in sex, and his reply was, I’ll let you know when I get there.

  11. Fridgeworks Says:

    Do you need me to pay for english lessons?

  12. Maggie Rivas Says:

    Has she always been this ignorant?

  13. rainepanda Says:

    she’s just immature

  14. Jeffery destini Says:

    mily crazy dum bitch i dont even think her family even loves here any more

  15. killer44spl Says:

    She is a fucking slut every rapper has had that time to move on to the next Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Miley Cyrus Lindsay Lohan the Olsen twins what lucky lady will be next ?

  16. Charly Trollton Says:


  17. Amanda M Says:

    I’m so sick of her! -.-

  18. kirafan68 Says:

    She is really dumb!

    Why on earth should people stop having sex? They will not look as good as young people, but the feelings will be the same.

  19. frankenbat Says:

    i think she was just trying to fuck with matt. 

  20. TheyAreAmongUs1 Says:

    What a dumb twat.

  21. Shipbreh Says:

    Baghdad it probably just dims down.

  22. SuperHalfie Says:

    I’m sorry but i can’t help myself right now… You sure seem to know alot about your mom and grandmas sex life…

  23. franzabananza Says:

    oh certainly not. my mom is 43 and she’s still very sexual and still has sex. and my 70 yr old gmom still has sex. i think miley’s just in that time in her life when she she doesnt realize ppl never really stop having sex unless they physically cant but then again you dont necessarily need another person to have an orgasm lol

  24. panzerfaust1986tfas Says:

    laughs @ miley cyrus

  25. dc36920 Says: