Miley Cyrus – The Backyard Sessions – “Jolene”

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| May 26th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus – The Backyard Sessions – “Jolene””

  1. llovepuppy Says:

    damn i miss her hair

  2. lorenzo pulido Says:

    Her voice just amazing 3

  3. Charles Veitch Says:

    Damn, she nails it

  4. Altus Libera Says:

    This isn’t any better.

  5. Kadaa santana Says:

    the movement brought me here

  6. Gordaton Says:

    No she’s not! You’re probably someone who thinks that Britney was actually crazy when she shaved her head. She was actually calling out for help during that phase.

  7. VampireRomantica Says:

    I miss the old Miley and her “flaming locks of auburn hair” :(

  8. Jocelyn Loyd Says:

    Such power!

  9. jen naccarato Says:

    listen to her album, you can tell she sounds basically the same, her album is not what you expect from this supposed “slut” and what not you are calling her. I expected really shitty club songs because of “we can’t stop” but her album is full of emotion, dont be quick to judge her. No one knows what actually goes on in her life. We read magazines or look articles up on the internet, half that shit is gossip. You wanna know Miley or at least try to understand her better watch “The Movement”

  10. Redditlover123 Says:


  11. Patty Ceja Says:

    Watch The Movement then start talking about how you miss the old Miley please.

  12. Patty Ceja Says:

    NO. lol you don’t know what your talking about since you obviously didn’t see The Movement :p

  13. rebbi anderson Says:

    it’s so much easier to recognize her talent when she’s wearing clothes. i find the whole naked thing/ ‘performance art’ a little distracting from the music. but this was good.

  14. Ambra Vanderpool Says:

    The only person that needs Miley back is her. She’s not finding herself; she’s losing herself on a path of self-destruction. She has made it clear through her admitted experimentation with Xanax/alcohol combos, use of weed and ecstasy that she doesn’t care. Lindsay Lohan did the exact same thing in her twenties. That hasn’t worked out well for her.

  15. Ambra Vanderpool Says:

    She isn’t in shackles; there is no one physically forcing her to be the way she is. She makes choices just like we all do. Hers have been self destructive ones. I may be wrong, but I don’t think that all of her promoters and record execs encourage her to abuse xanax and ecstasy (she has gone on record and is open about it.)

  16. ChRisTmeTzOo94 Says:

    Have you notice that her singing voice is kinda raspy now? N not in a good way. The smoking has gotten over her. she useed to be talented, but not anymore. Now, she’s just an attention whore

  17. 1000missasippy Says:

    this is the miley i loved :(

  18. JoshDownUnder Says:

    She doesn’ market herself, the record executives and marketing people do. It’s all planned, every inch of it. Build them up, make them appear as if they’re going through some crazy meltdown, then build them up again. You know why, because the public eat the gossip up and they love it. Look at all these comments talking about it still months later. Sad sad world we live in.

  19. arwen t Says:

    Too bad for Miley she used to be alright, but now? erm, she’s lost her mind and everything else with it!

  20. Ana Galgano Says:

    this was amazing

  21. MusicAt2am Says:

    I love her voice soo much

  22. ziggypiggy Says:

    Wow…I’m honestly surprised at her talent, as I only know her from her recent disgusting performances….girl, you would have so much more respect from so many more people if you marketed yourself this way and I would definitely buy a record…this is class! What you’re doing now is trash!

  23. elleaf Says:

    Miley’s very talented. I think she just needs time to realize that she doesn’t have to resort to shocking people to be a successful artist.

  24. dking2164 Says:

    Her new song one her album 4×4 has a country vibe to it. Its really catchy, her new album is not bad at all! Go listen to it on itunes for free!

  25. Berna Justo Says:

    Iam with you