Miley Cyrus – The Backyard Sessions – Look What They’ve Done To My Song

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| October 25th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

24 Responses to “Miley Cyrus – The Backyard Sessions – Look What They’ve Done To My Song”

  1. Chase Martin Says:

    she’s experimenting she will be back she’s only 20

  2. Kami G Says:

    does anyone think that she might come back with this kind of style, once she found herself I mean she’s young, very young and maybe thanks to her “bad” experiences she might be even better, let’s wait and see, she’s capable of that so let’s stop bashing her.

  3. RobinHey88 Says:

    Beautiful Miley

  4. silverlemniscate Says:

    heartbreaking :'(

  5. Dakota McElroy Says:

    Give her time. Remember, she’s still very young with tons of potential.

  6. Luxy Sánchez Says:

    I also wonder why u_u

  7. Luxy Sánchez Says:

    Why don’t she explode this potencial, this style!! ??

  8. Maggie Somerville Says:

    I think she can be anything she wants to be and she knows it, so she’s out trying to be happy in anyway she can. I don’t think anyone can judge her for that.

  9. Surso O Says:

    i think you’re reacting too early.

  10. Jaime Andrés Castillo Casas Says:

    I love you r artistry wave folck…

  11. rockerwolfx Says:

    I totally agree, but I wouldn’t say something like that when you have a profile picture smoking, unless it’s something harmless then okay.

  12. Kate C Says:

    Honestly, it’s not the hair that bothers me. Not her makeup or even new music. What bugs me about Miley now is that her personality has changed. The twerking and the inappropriateness is only part of it, but the sad look she always seems to have on her face. How Miley isn’t Miley anymore, she is that Smiley Miley from Tennessee that was once on Disney Channel. How she changed so fast and the fact that she felt like she had to change to make herself happier. That’s what bugs me.

  13. melat19876 Says:

    Why can’t she satys like this!!

  14. sweetamy189 Says:

    its sad that such talent is going to waste, her voice is beautiful but I fear that she is heading down the wrong path

  15. Joanna Greay Says:

    You need to shut up . Stop defending miley, learn how to spell . It is genre not genera .

  16. Natália Vieira Says:

    perfect ♥♥

  17. Ashley Miler Says:

    Gosh, this just makes me mighty sad. The lyrics ‘look what they’ve done to my brain’ should be changed to ‘look at what weed has done to my brain’. I like this side of Miley soooo much better. I heard the song 23 today and just thought. ‘Oh, good Lord help that woman.’

  18. anne yvette Says:

    maybe u ought to do that yourself?

  19. gbunny33 Says:

    I’m so obsessed with this song. ♥

  20. Joe Putz Says:

    I love her voice

  21. FasterThanMyBullet Says:

    SHUT. UP.
    I love Miley. I like her VOICE. I like HER. I like everything she stands for. NO. She doesn’t sing country as her main genera. But that’s okay. She’s making really good music with really good meanings behind them. I don’t understand why everyone is freaking out. Not all of her songs are like We Can’t Stop and she’s not just her VMA performance. Take a chance to listen to all her music. But don’t knock her down for trying something new.

  22. Jen Clements Says:

    I would listen to country if she had taken this road. 

  23. Christine Tower Says:

    It’s okay for her to act silly and be 20. She might not always be the same way.

  24. maria rodz Says:

    I think he means is that no, this ISN’T the path she headed down in. She went tongue rolling into the sunset and all.