Miley Cyrus Twerking Into History

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25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Twerking Into History”

  1. David price Says:


  2. Anja Rudy Says:

    Miley cruys is a 0 @ twerking



  4. Kevin J Says:

    oh my god i cant twerk! please help me

  5. JamesTKirkCobain Says:

    Why are porn stars suddenly making pretend they are musicians? Seriously, WTF is this? They do karaoke and all the fuckin retards in this world go “DUuuuh whut a good musi-shan she is duuuh..i must buy dat song duuuh’ Give me a break, I cant even listen to the radio anymore because of this crap. Why don’t she drop the musician act and just make a porn flick, have 5 niggaz cum in mouth all at the same time.

  6. david leal Says:


  7. mlp fim Says:

    squee something fluttershy has been doing since when where the hell mlp fim came out

  8. migan2133 Says:

    puta satanica, degenerada….enferma sexual.

  9. PrehistoricMan21012 Says:


  10. weha26 Says:

    Excerpt from wiki;
    “In the US, it was introduced into hiphop culture by way of the New Orleans bounce music scene. In 1993, DJ Jubilee recorded the dance tune “Do The Jubilee All” in which he chanted, “Twerk baby, …twerk, twerk.”The video for the song increased the popularity of twerking. In 1995 New Orleans-based rapper Cheeky Blakk recorded the song “Twerk Something!” …”

    Yet Miley, the least of those who can Twerk made it so popular it got added to Oxford Dictionary.

  11. Cindy Delcid Says:


  12. Heather Mae Says:

    you’re like 9

  13. Anna Grant Says:

    I hate twerking

  14. Ed P Says:

    Marylin monroe is ashamed on women today .. Sad

  15. NickRobo1994 Says:

    If i were to guess where all these dislikes came from: 3:10-3:11….ish

  16. SilenceNightz Says:

    Kid don’t watch this kind of video and start studying. There more than life you can achieve than copying someone like Miley.

  17. Samantha Embree Says:

    ive never tried to twrekmso idk and i think swag is going to start to be in dictionaries with its new definotion

  18. Flimflam725 Says:


  19. Darian Jalene Says:

    thank you!! people have been jiving, bumping, grinding, popping, & jigging since the days of our African ancestors. So please main stream media, STFU ABOUT A MILEY CYRUS.

  20. Cesar Ortiz Says:


  21. janlexlanz bahay Says:

    where the video? i wanna see miley not both of you loosers! hahaha!

  22. PazzieWazzie Says:

    the guy is better than her twerking

  23. Braydon Mugridge Says:

    shes the best

  24. Thomas Deese Says:


  25. Solis Sisco Says: