Miley Cyrus VMA Performance And Freakout

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| October 15th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

24 Responses to “Miley Cyrus VMA Performance And Freakout”

  1. Kathryn McElroy Says:

    Why has America gone “Little Nicky?” We don’t want it. We don’t like it.

  2. Kathryn McElroy Says:

    There is something that is hideously being calculated between what is going on with the VMA awards and what is going on in Washington DC. It is like a doteveski clock or something. A weird destructive calculated duality that we are supposed to buy into. Both messages are something like whoever is in power or in charge…is trying to kill the American dream so you don’t know who’s really in charge. Because it’s all bullshit and it’s been bullshit for a long time.


    Miley dances like a catholic schoolboy, how is that reinventing herself?

  4. Marques Atkinson Says:


  5. The Peppers Says:

    Check out my video response to Miley’s performance! You won’t be disappointed! Click my channel then videos…you will see the link. Thanks! 😀

  6. Christopher Dean Says:

    Lissette Padilla attempts to justify a blatant attempt to lower the bar again to ‘de-moralize and pre-sexualise your young daughters’ by saying it started when Miley was 15 so what’s the big deal.
    They have been doing this for years ,so it ok?
    She dresses up like Cinderella while she basically tries to use peer pressure.So be cool and accept simulated bonking in front of children
    They approach they use is – Comment on issues of right and wrong, typically with an unfounded air of superiority.

  7. Christopher Dean Says:

    she is being packaged as a she- devil by her managers…. guy on the right, Mark (coke bottle bottom glasses – get over it ) Sovel thinks this is a great role model for your impressionable young daughters.this satanic influence is flowing out of a social engineering factory like an open sewer pumping through your home.meanwhile these two media prostitutes try to tell you otherwise… get over it.get off the air you two prostitutes!!!

  8. anne harris Says:

    If she doesn’t comply with the Satanic rules, She will end up like MJ,Whitney Houston,Tupac,Amy Winehouse and a long list of people that would rather die than worship Satan. Too sad…

  9. DEADDROP100 Says:


  10. rachel asker Says:

    Wait i can tell the future ok
    next she will snog live on stage …. madonna !

  11. Sanda Stosic Says:

    Great marketing… like Madonna…

  12. Sanda Stosic Says:

    Yes girl… shake the world

  13. susiq1155 Says:

    LMFAO!! I loved the comment about why the aliens won’t come to earth….lolololol Some of these people are too out there already?!! LOL

  14. ChristyNiNe Says:


  15. Daniel M Connolly Says:

    Miley is stupid, boring, ugly, annoying, untalented, can’t sing, can’t dance and has no entertainment value.
    Other than that she’s great.

  16. Aubergine Mauve Says:

    You americans should all reconsider the fack of breathing.

  17. R. Brandon Perez Says:

    The music industry has really been circling the the drain for decades now. If people are more concerned with your antics than your music, then its time to head in another direction… thats my 2 cents anyway.

  18. Diego Ruiz Says:

    this was the media circus… SPONSORED BY THE ILLUMINATI!!!!

  19. wpinklady Says:

    make some noise!! how about fuck off hahaha!

  20. Kay Wheeler Says:

    are you kidding? its definitley understandable as to why people are disgusted over this performance, she looks like a sleezy desperate girl who cant tell the difference between sexy and skanky. She should be ashamed of herself and needs to tone it down A LOTTA BIT, way to many little girls look up to her and this is not the kind of message i would want my daughter to receive as whats cool these days and the way a woman should act. What ever happened to acting like a lady?

  21. 50shadesOfShutTheFuckUp Says:

    Why do you guys care about miley? She just wants fucking attention. Let her ruin her life. But you’re feeding the fire.

  22. Bob Burnquest Says:

    This is why fucking Aliens won’t visit Earth. stupid people who contradict everything they say then compare it with basically the same fucked up thing.

  23. Bob Burnquest Says:

    The bitch is dumb, ye it may be sexually advertised, ye they may have seen it before, but come the fuck on you dumb fuck. Just KEEEEEP showing it, and this time use a fucking disney channel actor. Shes done it before, SO WHY DOES IT MATTER RIGHT? Fucking morons in the news room. Nothing but dumb stupid shits. Half the shit the woman said was either Stupid or made zero fucking sense. The guy is there just to say ye your right. This shit makes me cringe.

  24. metaspherz Says:

    Great video! I agree that there are much worse things going on around the world but the critics and sheeple targeted Miley as if she was worse than a weapon of mass destruction. It’s about time Miley’s VMA performance was treated as it was meant to be — good natured FUN! She was having fun doing her thing on stage but all the Miley haters had to jump on the ‘I Hate Miley Bandwagon’ to show their outrage at a beautiful young woman prancing around harmlessly on stage in a provocative manner.