Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Wrecks Like U”

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| October 16th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Wrecks Like U””

  1. Infidel Infidel Says:

    Miley Cyrus is a joke…

  2. vistadecosta Says:

    then i said nothing, i checked dates but obvious i checked wrong !!! my bad idd…. ;(
    Now excuse me, i have some bitchslapping to do with Robin for acting he was being original with that mix!!

  3. Hugh Jaanus Says:

    Sinead was actually singing about me in the song, but with her thick Dublin accent, it comes out misunderstood. Should have been “Nothing Compares To Hugh” So there…..

  4. Hugh Jaanus Says:

    To be honest it is none of Sineads business what anyone does, why did she not phone her and give her advice? No she put it on the internet, for publicity for herself. I presume Miley has a mother and father, Billy Ray Cyrus to name but three, who has been in show business long enough to know the score. They don’t seem worried do they?

  5. innocentbystander13 Says:

    There is a fairly large difference between being inspired and copying (damn our plagiarism policy). And yes, Sínead has been targeted by the church for standing up against institutionalised rape and cover up. Also from her position as a woman who had made some amazing screw ups in her career, she is eminently qualified to advise Miley and where she’s going wrong, she is very genuine I believe, i wonder if you’d looked at it in the light?

  6. Dick Dobis Says:

    hmmmm? why DO your videos always get illuminati comments? maybe you watched to much disney as a child.

  7. Rita1972 Says:

    Miley, the copy cat.

  8. Hugh Jaanus Says:

    So you are implying she was targeted by the Pope/Catholic church. All Miley said was, Her song wrecking ball was inspired by Sineads (prince) song. People have said they were inspired by Bob Dylan, The Beatles etc. do you see them writing open letters. NO YOU DON’T. This is the best publicity for Sinead in years, puts her back in the news.

  9. larmahony Says:

    Terrible one dimensional garbage!!

  10. Ihayw00d Says:

    Where are the sinead vocals? wait oh there is not any. Can this really be called a mashup? I aint convinced more of a remix

  11. grkmuse77 Says:

    his may have been first but Robin’s is MUCH better. Nice try tho BodyRock94. Yours doesn’t gel right with the music… you can’t force it bud.

  12. innocentbystander13 Says:

    I think the relevant issue there Hugh, is that Sínead (dear nut bag that she is) is not Chinese, Tibetan or Korean and has never been targeted by the taliban.

  13. innocentbystander13 Says:

    they must be illuminating, that’s my best guess.

  14. Kim Gloria Says:

    You could never compare to Sinead. Sinead has class, you have no class. Sinead has natural beauty. You have no beauty . Sinead has talent. You have no talent.. Sinead has a high IQ You have a low IQ Sinead has her own unique stye. You copy all the rest that is out there. Sinead has a smile with her own teeth. You have a smile with fake teeth. Sinead has a funny and fun sense of humor. Your sense of humor is cruel, raunchy. Sinead had a beautiful heart, you have a black heart

  15. razielapocalypse Says:

    La única persona que está realizando una copia aquí es Miley Cyrus
    Copia del plano del vídeo de Sinéad O’Connor Nothing Compares 2U

    The only person that you are backing here is Miley Cyrus
    by copying foreground mode video clip
    of Sinéad O’Connor Nothing Compares 2U

  16. bodyrock94 Says:

    even Robin himself acknowledged that my mix came out before his, so you’re fighting a losing battle here 😉

  17. bodyrock94 Says:

    If you read the video description you’ll realise that I published mine FIRST as my version went online on September 15th 2013 and Robin’s version which was slightly different to mine went online on 4th October 2013. If you want to be rude to me, at least get your facts right and realise that I was the original maker of a Nothing Compares 2 U/Wrecking Ball mash up…

  18. vistadecosta Says:

    If you wanna be a copycat , try atleast to be better then Robin Skouteris, or atleast give credit to the original maker of it !!!!! 

  19. Maxine Kauter Says:

    Ah Hugh. If you’d make a point maybe I’d get it. Yes she did it to draw attention to disgusting cover up of the church. Her campaigning on this issue is legendary and in fact pretty much cost her her career. As for what’s natural I think you’re confusing what is natural with what is common.

  20. Namilea LOTI Says:

    Lol you quite obviously have no idea who she is…

  21. Hugh Jaanus Says:

    You think that is natural? Which have you done more of, being naked or tearing up photos of the pope?
    I don’t see her tearing up Photos of Chinese leaders for their abuse of Chinese and Tibetan people, North Korean leaders. Did she rip up photos of Taliban leaders. I could go on and on. GET MY POINT? She only did that for publicity.

  22. Maxine Kauter Says:

    You know she ripped up pictures of the pope for a reason right? She was protesting the church’s coverup of sexual abuse towards defenceless children. Sinead, a Catholic, denounced the pope for this. To me, that seems perfectly natural.

  23. Yrhp8268 Says:

    True. She’s an illuminati whore.

    If you want to know who Miley works for, go to the following website:


  24. Hugh Jaanus Says:

    Sinead gives out about Miley going naked, the most natural thing in the world, we are born naked we are naked a good few times a week. Ask Sinead is it natural to tear up photos of the Pope on stage. At least she was BOOED by the crowd, and Kris Kristoferson with his foul outburst to the crowd was that natural? BTW I have no time for Miley.

  25. You Bewb Says:

    Good job.

    Click on my username to hear the open letters (2nd and 3rd one) and a bit of my take on the situation at whole.