Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’connor– Who’s Guilty?

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| October 17th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’connor– Who’s Guilty?”

  1. funcpl2741054 Says:

    attention Sinead O’Connor……worry about yourself. no really, worry about yourself.

  2. BrandonDeanRobinson Says:

    To be honest i’m not really surprised she turned out like this. Seems to be happening to people who’s fame started in childhood. Kind of sad to watch really.

  3. BrandonDeanRobinson Says:

    Man now I feel even more awkward watching Miley Cyrus with that end statement of yours. Thanks a lot for that x.x lol.

  4. FineBlackbeauty Says:

    her voice is a little deep, but its still feminine and if she was fat yall would call her fatass pig but shes skinny and that’s a problem too? lol

  5. Michael J. Coslo Says:

    Cyrus’s Youth, Beauty, and sexuality? Well, she’s young. I don’t think she’s at all pretty, and as a normal heterosexual male, I must say she isn’t terribly sexy.

    She’s like someone who knows nothing about sex who stumbles on pornography, and imitates it. But has no idea what it is about. The end result is kind of creepy.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. Congrats.

  7. Bruce Wayne Says:

    its just a youtube thing which can sometimes mess up

  8. funcpl2741054 Says:

    I respect Miley for daring to offend fools. Sinead O’Conner thinks nudity is evil but shaving your head for publicity is perfectly rational.

  9. tacy sassy Says:

    So do all the other strippers.

  10. Brendan Slattery Says:

    whoa whoa whoa…hang on a minute! miley and billy ray know that this is a $billion plusser..u fools! people like sinead have always tried to manipulate others in order to justify their own selfish behaviour. time to stop embarrasing your family. sinead gets the menopause …miley(bless her holy name)gets the men applause

  11. jugbug98 Says:

    The ending is spot in

  12. Amanda Sailsbury Says:

    I think Miley needs a psychiatrist

  13. Nicel Shitsinger Says:

    Who did the subtitles for this video… o_O

  14. holio84 Says:

    I’m very cynical. The more you see of that “reality TV” type drama, the more cynical you get. They’re all very cynical on the panel no matter how balanced they appear to be in the reporting. Because, TYT are not stupid.

  15. Paul Bodnick Says:

    Who cares abouy this

  16. PopeWithDaScope Says:

    That doesn’t make it okay.

  17. mysticaldeath Says:

    who the hell captioned this dogs breakfast!?

  18. MissFumbles Says:

    I think Sinead’s point of making it a open letter, wasn’t to expose Miley, but to expose the music industry

  19. guyfroml Says:

    Your comment is full of nothing but pure speculations. As for your reference about “confirming that this is being done to her”..I’m not sure if that’s the correct comment. The fact is her actions are her actions, and they speak loudly about her. If she has people around who (clearly) do not care about her, then that in itself is a sign of poor judgement. And as an old saying goes, “reality isn’t what it truly is but how it is perceived by others.” Miley needs to be aware how she is perceived.

  20. thebelljarkid Says:

    That joke is so over used now.

  21. randomman971 Says:

    but it on its own, cannot kill you

  22. dirtierenglish Says:

    Anywho, I think that Miley could not even stand in the same room as Sinead in a voice contest. As batshit crazy as the later is–she has some killer pipes.

  23. Ria Simpson Says:

    The male host is biased against Miley anyway. 

  24. علي صالح Says:


  25. PopeWithDaScope Says:

    Yes you can. Imagine buying a boat in a fit of euphoria, immediately sailing into the middle of nowhere before getting hit by a wave of depression, and not knowing what to do. Bi-polar disorder can completely alter someones rationality. And when you’re irrational, you can certainly die.