Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball Live iHeart Radio Music Festival.

Video clip Score: three / five

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| October 16th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball Live iHeart Radio Music Festival.”

  1. Ted Okan Says:

    U h8bit

  2. Kendriah Johnson Says:

    she cant sing on stage

  3. Lidya Nelisa Says:

    her performance is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time

  4. shrika9 Says:

    i love this song and the lyrics. i don’t appreciate her outfit (if we can even call it that?) or the music video… why does she feel the need to distract from such a beautiful song?

  5. jhg9040 Says:

    Oh my god I hate her.

  6. dbwaggoner Says:

    there are so many geat words in the dictionary that would describe here. “Performer, Artist, ect…

  7. OllyHaven Says:

    I loved it so much. everything. she really puts herself into her music. she’s the best artist ever. my favorite 3

  8. Salvador Cruz Says:

    I’m sorry but…. Miley you need cover up more and your hair!! OMG!!!! Need a change

  9. aguilera28139 Says:

    Anyway she sing better than katy

  10. Susan J Says:


  11. Susan J Says:

    Love it !!!

  12. Bestintheworld4life Says:

    I love miley but she needs to cover up more and that cause you could have kids watching this and it’s disgraceful

  13. dbird298 Says:


  14. dbird298 Says:


  15. MissGagaVEVO Says:

    She sings off key.

  16. SaraBlewsomOfficial Says:

    why is the sound so quiet?

  17. SexyLilLezNTx Says:

    You can hear her pain and vulnerability in her voice. Her first broken heart. Its going to hurt for a very long time, but she will heal. She will find someone worthy of her love and outspokenness. Personally, I like Miley. I think she is just stuck right now and doesn’t know what to do….both in her personal life and music career. She’s a fighter and she will find her way and when she does she will come back somewhat changed, but happy, truly happy. Right now it seems so far away, but its not,

  18. gabbybolt Says:

    Obviously you guys looked up this performance, or you saw the title and clicked on it. If you hate her so much, why bother wasting your time to hate on her? She’s talented and she’s beautiful. That’s all that matters.

  19. metadragon5555 Says:

    tits down good tits up Bag it

  20. miri mirmil Says:

    where is your dignity ?!

  21. AmberFaithFox Says:

    we love you Miley stay strong ! <3

  22. Jazz Katua Says:

    I’ve watched it on mute; those tits =>uggghhhh!!!! she’s ugly allright

  23. Denis Horvat Says:

    ugly tits

  24. Arantza Covers Says:

    Can u please check my cover? would mean the world to me <3

  25. Arantza Covers Says:

    OMG i hate to see Miley like this, Stay Strong Miley, Smilers love youuuu <3