Miley Cyrus-wrecking ball Live iheartradio 2013

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| October 19th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

21 Responses to “Miley Cyrus-wrecking ball Live iheartradio 2013”

  1. judy bisda Says:

    Don’t cry Miley, don’t cry we love you so much… go go go miley..

  2. Dizz Nicca Says:

    is she crying
    y is she crying

  3. Walter Bailey Says:

    I luv her 🙂

  4. Ronnie Del Says:

    Don’t cry Miley, don’t cry 🙁 He doesn’t deserve your tears

  5. Aye Smiler Says:


  6. mohammed alkurwi Says:

    Love this song and i Know what she feel <33

  7. prettyrandom Says:

    she was crying ffs. liam was seen with his new gf just b4 she performed

  8. Ahmadinejad666 Says:


  9. Jessica-Claire Leigh Says:

    some guy is singing wierdly at 1:55/the end!

  10. jstruth1 Says:


  11. Mcgee Says:

    All you hear is the background is like a fat dude screaming: Miley!!!!!!!!

  12. LROSES70 Says:

    This song is so beautiful and true for so many ppl

  13. Pinkie Pie Says:

    i want the full video if anyone knows it please reply me <3 thx , miley is an inspiration

  14. Elen Cyrus Says:

    YOU need some heart

  15. Sonya Simms Says:

    I really feel for her!!!!!!

  16. Richy Calderon Says:

    thankyou 4 uploading this! im tearing!

  17. caetano Reis Says:


  18. Jbb6782 Says:

    Bitch needs some pants.

  19. Sidrah Iqbal Says:

    Love this song !!

  20. gokusangel20 Says:


  21. Nela Rivas Says: