Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball – Official Cover by Eben (joke)

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| October 6th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball – Official Cover by Eben (joke)”

  1. Jessica Volstad Says:


  2. Francisco Martin Says:

    god boy

  3. tariqchaudhry12 Says:

    Youre beautiful

  4. ldanicaa whieyck. Says:

    you know what Eben? you’re making me love you so much! <3 -kmimro

  5. Paulo De Leon Says:

    Nice voice :)

  6. Marco Reuben Soriano Says:

    i hate it at the same time i LOVE it … its good right?? i think it is …

  7. Victor Osio Says:

    Two thumbs way up . You have charm and talent , keep it up …

  8. HarmonyMelodyBeat Says:

    New fan here Eben 😉

  9. brandi fritz Says:

    Dem muscles

  10. Bailey Rogers Says:

    Ebennnn!!!!!! I looooveeeee!!!!!

  11. L Phillips Says:

    Lol eben I love you! I really want to come see you on the 18th! You’re so beautiful and you should sing one directions little things!

  12. ProvectusGaming Says:

    I really hope you werent trying to spell sucks…

  13. ProvectusGaming Says:

    0:41 HAHAHAHA XD that escalation.

  14. BBailsandJCole Says:

    You’re very attractive lol

  15. vanm956 Says:

    Nice gay boy

  16. vanm956 Says:

    It soucs

  17. Christina Vance Says:

    nice muscles

  18. Italy Milan Says:


  19. Jorhs Romero Says:

    boy hears you sing very well

  20. Nicole Borchers Says:

    You’re definitely not ugly. But this was absolutely perfect (: And your arms ^-^

  21. Brianna Stalford Says:

    U are so cute

  22. Brianna Stalford Says:

    Your a good singer

  23. Savannah O'Sullivan Says:

    Hi funny vid your kind of cute

  24. Sabine Star Says:

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  25. guimasca Says:

    ur funny =D