Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” – (Official Music Video Cover by Ali Brustofski)

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| October 13th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” – (Official Music Video Cover by Ali Brustofski)”

  1. Wathong Maung Maung Says:

    A lot better than the original

  2. danielle bersani Says:


  3. tibby608 Says:


  4. Natalie Schäffer Says:

    WOW ! <3

  5. silviatusse Says:

    Omg soooooo schön weiter so Ali

  6. Yazooy Ahmed Says:


  7. Yazooy Ahmed Says:

    Wow wish there was a word to explain it

  8. Anita Shaffer Says:

    Absolutely beautifully done..great job!!!

  9. Tay Sullivan Says:

    LOL, not from my point of view

  10. jessica besic Says:

    omg so beatiful auf deutsch so schön gese haut pur

  11. Tamuna Lobzhanidze Says:


  12. MlleAlixou99 Says:


  13. 14pianoo Says:

    Nur drei buchstaben: wow ♥

  14. ericgaro788 Says:


  15. Fernanda Lujan Says:


  16. francesca martignoni Says:

    it’s a beautiful

  17. Bea Neves Says:

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  18. DrFunkBot Says:

    Better than the original. It also helps she’s not swinging on a wrecking ball naked like a fucking slut

  19. Hans Bernd Says:

    i could hear your cover for hours your voice sounds fantastic (:
    geeting from germany

  20. Tanya Lusararian Says:

    You have a good voice, but you did NOT sing it better than Miley. There is absolutely no passion in your rendition at all. In every art form there should be passion. And honey, you have none.

  21. officialladdross Says:

    Hey, guys! If you find the time, check out my cover of this song! It would mean a lot! Thank you!! 😀

  22. xcmskim4 Says:

    so much better than the original!!!

  23. Kim Bien Says:

    You have a good sing

  24. Kim Bien Says:

    Hey Laura stop say that baby

  25. Rose Altamaya Says:

    omg u sing it betta than miley