Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Sped Up

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| October 27th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

15 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Sped Up”

  1. Xxcpu100xX Says:

    Wtf o.O

  2. mike hopf Says:

    Thank you, I’ll sub you back too 🙂

  3. za71055k Says:

    Oh ok sorry for the mistake and also i use Audacity how cool 🙂 I’ll sub you cause i really like this video.

  4. mike hopf Says:

    Also, I don’t know how to steal youtube videos :/

  5. mike hopf Says:

    No, I used the regular song, put it into program called Audacity and sped it up to 55000 or 60000. There are a lot of nightcore ones that sound the same

  6. za71055k Says:

    Im not accusing you of stealing cause idk, but did you steal my video of “nightcore wrecking ball” for this cause it sounds just like it, but im not sure, sorry if im mistaken

  7. Alice Deverill Says:

    Prefer this one

  8. Samantha Selim Says:

    This is way better

  9. shew bwewwy Says:

    I agree

  10. meusieur amour Says:

    je kiffe et ouai je suis français et il y a quoi ?

  11. Ranchiithekat Says:

    Still sounds better than the original

  12. mike hopf Says:


  13. mike hopf Says:

    lol thank you

  14. BrOcK ThE BeasT Says:

    mike #1 <3 i love miley

  15. Steven Pfaff Says: