Miley Discusses Her Relationship with Liam Hemsworth

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| October 19th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “Miley Discusses Her Relationship with Liam Hemsworth”

  1. JessySketch Says:

    ahhh just realize what you meant when you said “they call her a whore and call taylor swift an angel.” lol I see what you did there.But damn TS sounds like a whore when you say she have a new guy every

  2. Catherine Spinella Says:

    She is still just being Miley.

  3. bradenwelke111 Says:

    I agree with others saying that she is NOT like what the publicity is portraying her as, and that she is a smart and mature girl. But I personally think she has matured… a little TOO fast.

  4. Lydia Own Land Says:

    OMGshe talk to fast and actually too much! like.. let Ellen talk!!

  5. lanimckenzie Says:

    I think she’s a very smart girl by the sounds of it, okay she may be into drugs now but atleast she’s smart about who she is hey I’ll give her props for that

  6. kerry atkinson Says:

    No offence but she talks alot

  7. stoffni Says:

    No shit xD

    New guy every week…

  8. OXTaylor LynXO Says:

    Lol youre ugly bye .

  9. OuKanha Says:

    I feel sad that they broke up :/ I think that they were a really good couple!

  10. Denise Ward Says:

    I like Miley and I agree I said not so many nice things I get the video and her talent I just wish she displayed some of it a different way. I do like Miley

  11. Saja Saeed Says:

    when liam see this interview he must be crying for leave her…

  12. Ya mama mama said Says:

    The song someone else by Miley is about the relationship

  13. Yen Vu Says:

    Miley and Liam’s relationship had problems before feb like Miley said in her interview.she didn’t have valentine this year.which mean that they were pretending for at least 4 months.miley made her come back at June and her vmas is in stop talking like Liam broke up with her because her performance..he didn’t have right to do it anymore .let miley be .she Jo very mature,smart and talented,knows how to treat ppl.she has to grow up.cant be Hannah Montana for the rest of her life.

  14. Alyssa Lee Says:

    how would you guys know who the real miley is
    doubt it any of you have actually talked to her let alone met her
    if she says this is her than believe it idiots

  15. ARMANi H Says:


  16. Emma Li Says:

    I think Miley is wicked awesome just the way she is

  17. Elfy Donna Says:

    # SMILERS FOREVER !! <3 m/

  18. Hà Băng Nhi Says:

    Hey. She’s still the old Miley, she didn’t change. You guys did ! You guys like Hannah Montana,she is Miley. Know the different. And if you hate her, don’t watch!

  19. Amanda Jenifer Says:


  20. Amanda Jenifer Says:

    This is Nicky from Tx and I love people who live their life with a positive outlook like Miley .fuck the haters that is all they know how to do.

  21. Mns2007cp Says:

    All I’m saying is that this is not the same Miley from 4 years ago, something Morton Malkie stated.

  22. Mns2007cp Says:

    Stupid. Stupid everywhere.

  23. Ibrahim Khalilulah Says:


  24. joe coron Says:

    That wasn’t miley. That was her career. Shit would come out with her face on it and everyone would say “that is miley”…no. This is miley. And technically you don’t even know her. SO if she is TELLING you who she is, why not believe it.

  25. BlazinGoddess4Life Says:

    Why is everyone on this Miley is being rebellious kick sheesh people the simple fact is she has changed into herself and into a young girl on a mission to live her own life for do many years she was Disneys puppet doing what she was told to do and being who they wanted her to be it sucks people are so quick to judge her because she’s famous wen she is much more.. she’s human!