Miley is Kali and Kali is Miley [Miley Cyrus MTV VMA 2013] *

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| October 29th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

10 Responses to “Miley is Kali and Kali is Miley [Miley Cyrus MTV VMA 2013] *”

  1. Bombie4u Says:

    Kali is Hindu’s Goddess of Death. It’s very scary (you can google search it for more info). I wonder why so many people (namely teens) still look up and listen to Miley’s songs.

  2. SnEakiESTG Says:

    Sorry didn’t mean to do that. Nice video… very informational

  3. SnEakiESTG Says:

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    I always wondered what was up with that tounge

  5. kurt spencer Says:

    Good stuff ps34v18. Thank you.

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  6. ProphecyAndScripture Says:

    Interesting – so has she actually said she worships Kali?

  7. Brad Standlee Says:

    glad to see im not the only person that doesnt like miley,whew

  8. witch hubble Says:

    do what thy wilt is only half of the law provided it harms none being the rest which includes your self x this miley girl is indeed harming all things sacred and feminine

  9. Cherie Lees Says:

    In Northern Arabia she is 2 goddesses Al-Uzzar & Al-lat. In Mecca she is a Dove & a Gazelle Venus & the Moon. Freemasons & muslims even Buddhists are all worshiping the same spirit. More names for her Phenicia Dido Erech Diana Tanith Nana Marduk. Any person that claims to love God would not worship this spirit or listen to the music of someone that does. Miley is misleading children to be a whore like her & our media is helping. Plp need to know the truth abt why miley want to destroy souls

  10. Cherie Lees Says:

    I did a bible search & discovered goddess Ashtoreth if the Zidonians God od War Sex Lust & Fertility She is the same aa Isis Kalu Ishtar Aphrodite Tanith Mother of Baal God of Sun. Looks like she has many faces & religions. Women sacrifice their Hair & fertility. This is why she cut off her hair.