‘Miley: The Movement’: MTV Documentary Goes Backstage With Miley Cyrus

Movie Score: 3 / five

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| October 6th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “‘Miley: The Movement’: MTV Documentary Goes Backstage With Miley Cyrus”

  1. Ma Poule Says:


  2. Tj toonz Says:

    she has 0 self awareness

  3. Rachel Sahar Says:

    She could’ve done other projects that would have put her on top. Sad and waist of talent. Also the below comment starts ” what she is suffering from is low self esteem’. “us”To be corrected.

  4. Rachel Sahar Says:

    What she us suffering from us low self esteem. She knows that, now that she is getting older she is no competition to other beautiful and talented young ladies. So what does she do out of desperation? Exactly what you just witnessed at VMA. She does not care about the well being of the kids that followed her up to now. No sense of responsibility. Obviously she grew up in a immoral family. If she not, the parents wouldn’t be supporting her in doing these raunchy acts and corrupting kids.

  5. Zelda Sword Says:

    She’s just wants her attention

  6. mirondeturno Says:

    Being a prostitute is cool!

  7. ccoreybarkleyy Says:

    Yeah well, your mind is a mess, obviously…

  8. Kaitlyn Herring Says:

    that’s right miley cyrus love u

  9. Mike Evans Says:

    Hey dumbass, let’s not forget the MILLIONS spent on marketing Miley Cyrus to little girls world wide. All the commercials, merchandise etc. So, again, who’s to blame?

  10. casoja2000 Says:

    früher mochte ich sie voll !! und fand sie voll hübsch !! und jetzt ist das einzigste was ich noch an ihr mag ihre Stimme mehr nicht 🙁

  11. Herr Schweizer Says:

    I hate her.

  12. Maximiliaan Ronaldszoon Says:

    As the saying goes in Iran: MARG BAR AMRIKA.

  13. Mikster7500 Says:

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  14. chime gstelf Says:

    Whyyyy she cur her hair !! Whyyy!?

  15. rockflint123 Says:

    the movement of Mongoloid

  16. VG D Says:

    gotta love copout parents that blame someone else for their kids behavior

  17. 2JAMMY Says:

    They gonna fuck you up then spit you out. You’re not the first or the last either.

  18. Kim Bank Says:

    She is young, dumb and full of c#m. The only role model she can be at this point is for strippers, skanks and trailor trash around the world. Keep up the good work Miley those types adore you.

  19. stalker2121 Says:

    STFU…..Let me tell you something . If your a parent and you can’t keep track of your own kids then they should follow miley where ever they want. stop talking shit. She doesn’t control your life. Unless your one of those people following her master plan!!! HAHHA

  20. Jo CrapPatrol Says:

    It’s a bowel movement.

  21. Ch3loos Says:

    This stupid ass bitch Myley sucks big times! That’s why you americans have stupid singers!

  22. Stelita Isabel Says:

    Pot head lol

  23. Dick Watts Says:

    Agreed. The whore should be publicly flogged for corrupting the youth, and her managers should be executed for subversion

  24. TheWolverineiscool Says:

    WHO THE BLOODY FUCK DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? master plan??? bitch please….you’re a lowlife scum who corrupts teens and little girls as far as i’m concerned, she is a disgrace to society

  25. ThumbdownMan Says:

    nasty nasty brat!