MTV VMAs 2013: Miley Cyrus’ Vs. Lady Gaga’s Performance

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| October 11th, 2013 | Posted in Miley Cyrus |

25 Responses to “MTV VMAs 2013: Miley Cyrus’ Vs. Lady Gaga’s Performance”

  1. bondforever007 Says:

    Hilarious´╗┐ video ­čśÇ

  2. bondforever007 Says:

    So what are we supposed to call these´╗┐ 2 strippers then?!

  3. Mikster7500 Says:

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  4. John Bever Says:

    hmm´╗┐ !!!! ass conversation !!!

  5. Fabian Mercado Says:

    ………………..Just how is this show still existing and have this many subscribers? Are the subscribers´╗┐ the cast of “the californians” which is a small percentage of californias population. (And is this show in california? Idk why I asked that)

  6. Pookie Alexis Says:

    At least Miley’s´╗┐ ass is not fake!

  7. Mako Yuckfou Says:

    Gagas ass = boner fuel.´╗┐ Mileys ass = saltpeter.

  8. Zoe Barker Says:

    So´╗┐ funny

  9. Nicolas Vallejo Says:

    Gf´╗┐ gf

  10. Nicolas Vallejo Says:


  11. Princess Clark Says:

    Booty´╗┐ game too strong

  12. Caparros Says:

    01:10 Butt embarrassment lol´╗┐

  13. Connor Caldwell Says:

    First of all: Neither of those girls should dress like that ever again!
    Second: At least, technically, Gaga didn’t twerk.
    Third and most importantly: TMZ is at a NEW LOW if they are gonna compare people’s ASSES!! Everyone has already seen their behinds! That does not mean we would want to COMPARE them!´╗┐ F*** YOU TMZ!!!

  14. alberto molano gonzalez Says:


  15. sole lopez Says:

    Gaga3 super´╗┐ bammm

  16. Jonathan Sanchez Says:

    Ushh lady gaga´╗┐ ­čś« Mamasitaaaaa!!!

  17. Aubrey Walters Says:


  18. alejandra galaz Says:


  19. brattberg Says:

    Miley is a big time cunt! & she loves´╗┐ it!

  20. 13456789101 Says:

    True! @John MacTavish´╗┐

  21. Imaginados Says:

    GAGA is PERFECT, Miley is copy.´╗┐

  22. John MacTavish Says:

    TMZ sucks´╗┐ monkey balls.

  23. Jon Bowden Says:

    chicken butt

  24. tayfun t├╝t├╝nc├╝ Says:

    00:50´╗┐ :DD

  25. Leean lala Says:

    she must´╗┐ like twerking a lot